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Healthy lifestyle expert with a Brazilian flair and certified health coach.

In love with the body-mind connection. International author and writer. 

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I am Rita Avellar a certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and healthy lifestyle expert who is in love about cooking, wellness, writing and sharing information about healthy living.

My personal struggle with a sick childhood in Brazil, my native country, with pneumonia, allergies and a low immune system motivated me to research and implement a variety of holistic approaches into my lifestyle. My research began as young as 12 years old, learning to heal my body using natural and alternative medicine, herbs, vitamins and food.

A combined interest in human behavior and communication led me to work for more than 15 years in marketing for the fashion industry in Brazil. Then, later in life I moved to US and after facing a high stressful moment in my life and diseases related to it, I decided to go back to my natural healing approach and share one of my passions in life - wellness and holistic health - and I got a certification as a health coach and decided to share what I have learned in my life with other women, who seek vitality, balance and a healthier life even in the midst of chaos.


On this website you will find content and health coaching programs to help you transform your life and shift in the way you think about health and wellness. Changes that are meant to last for your entire life.  

It is good to have you here!


Rita Avellar


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