Meet Rita Avellar

Since the first time I learned how to read and write, I wanted to create. Create stories, poems, ideas, tell something through words and imagination. When I think about my entire life, I always associate with being creative and it was that creativity that led to different professional paths.

I studied Communications at college but haven't finished. I changed to Fashion Design where I could express myself in different ways. It was when I fell in love with Fashion Journalism and then Fashion Marketing.

After years of working in very different places like fashion brands and even big companies like Nabisco and Sony Music, I accumulated good experience in fashion, communication, and marketing areas and I decided to open my own content agency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my hometown.

MULTI Out of Line was such a great time where we could create content and marketing strategies for the fashion industry, as well as the movie, beauty, and other creative industries.

In 2014 I moved to the US and because of a set of personal events, I closed Multi after one year in America and started studying at IIN - Institute of Integrative Nutrition and got a health coach certification.

It was a journey of 5 years in the health coaching business when I decided to rebrand my business and turned it into a healthy lifestyle website, now called Healthy Busy Bee.

Along with this website, I have a project called Coachiva where I help other coaches to promote their businesses with marketing, content, website creation, and support through our Facebook group.

It was with the rebranding of my healthy lifestyle website, that I (re) started old projects related to writing, some of them a short film, two TV series, and a book for kids. All in the process at this moment. ;)

During this rebranding and restarting of old projects, I felt the need to create this website to concentrate all my works, ideas and share my new projects.

If you read until now, thank you! And if you want to contact me, feel free to do so by email or any social media, Facebookor Instagram.


Rita Avellar

Dec 2020.