How YOU Can Rock in Social Media With This Simple and Easy Methodology Used By Successful Coaches

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"This course opened my eyes to so many details that social media requires us to do to be able to succeed.
Rita is very kind and knowledgeable in the field, she has a lot of experience, her feedback helped me a lot. The course is very organized and the material is easy to understand.
With this course, I could understand how to use with social media to benefit my image towards my future career. This course was definitely worth."
- Priscila S Torres Brannigan
"I would describe this course as direct, informative, organized with useful handouts and tools.
Rita was great at explaining everything from the ground up.
Thank you soooooo much. I recommend this course for others to take"
- Angela Sidlo
"It was practical and informative, very helpful.
Rita is friendly, knowledgeable and addresses individual needs with practical information.

- Shulamit Morris

What you will find here

+10 videos - classes
- New module every Monday with a lot of useful content to put into practice from the first week.

Together we are stronger
You will be part of a group of other coaches who are motivated to change and will support each other.

Live Meetings
In addition to the recorded classes, you will join in live mentoring
with group that will also be recorded to be watched later again.

Private Session

In addition to weekly group meetings, you will get 1 individual session to enhance your achievements.


You will receive support between meetings with my daily follow-up (Monday to Friday) and post-meeting instructions.

Special Package

If you need, I created a special package of more 3 private sessions (60-minute each) that you can add to your program.

Course Content:

Week 1: What is social media. The most important ones. The role of social media for your coaching business.

Week 2: Understand your target x social media.


Week 3: Content marketing - What, why and how.


Week 4: Social media and the types of media (text, image, video, lives, groups...) and what is content recycle.


Week 5: Words and hashtags - How to use them to promote your business.


Week 6: Content creation and planning. All you need to start!


Week 7: Is blog a "social media"? What about the ads and newsletter?


Week 8: Rocking with your social media.


8-Week Mentoring Group:



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