Ana Carolina Cerizze – Content Marketing Expert

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

 3-Month Program

My top three goals in starting the 3-month program were to be healthier, mentally lighter and to spend time learning new things. My coach took the weight off of my back and my guilt when I couldn't embrace the world and showed me small and possible steps!

The biggest tangible change I noticed was more security, more understanding than saying no to the world, is saying yes to me (self-care).

Rita is attentive to everything, she really connects with us in a way that gives us confidence! She is also interested, she studies us, knows that people are different and need different paths and is tuned, always bringing news to the sessions!

Aline Salcedo - Journalist

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

My goal with this Detox was quite clear: to go back to a healthy routine and thus return to my normal weight. I'm not the type to do everything wrong, but I'm very permissive with some “trash days”. I thought it was time to cut bad habits in a more radical way, so I chose to do a Detox.

I chose to do the Detox, knowing well that I would be cutting certain things I love! I wanted to do it for myself, for my health, for my self-esteem, for my well-being, for my beauty. No one made me do it, so I just had to hold myself accountable. So, I kept thinking it was my decision every day, and the biggest beneficiary would be me.

I achieved my goal with great happiness. Ease, no! I had some difficult times, but I didn’t give in, I moved on. I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition and welless, but I learned much more: new habits, new recipes and super useful beauty tips!

I weighted myself on the last day and had lost 2.5kg. More than that, I was lighter in other senses, calmer, taking more care of myself with pleasure.

A week later I was surprised to get on the scale again and have lost 3.5kg, reaching a weight lower than what I was maintaining in recent months. How? I kept good post-detox habits, always leaving a gap for cheat day, but not abusing it!

I highly recommend the program! It's a gift to ourselves, from the inside out and the outside inside!

Julia Evangelista - Screenwritter

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

My three main goals when starting the 3-month program were to increase my safety (self-esteem) at work, relax and sleep better, better understand my eating habits. The biggest tangible change I've noticed since the beginning of the program has been in improving food choices and in the professional arena, where I feel more secure to set my rules in a polite and a respectful way.

I would recommend my coach to people who are anxious, very busy and who are living in automatic without thinking about health, or who need help to organize life in very broad terms, from food to more peculiar goals. She is always my teacher helping me to get to know me and to set my goals.

Susanna McAndrews

Indianapolis, IN - USA

Meal Prep Program​

My main goals when starting the meal prep program were to start a healthy journey and I needed help getting started.

I have lost 20 lbs so far and my health is improving which was my goal. So, I am very happy how this turned out. The biggest tangible change I noticed was how easy it was to transition to eating healthier with a weekly planned meal prep and guidance. The most significant global change I noticed was how different the food tasted when eating organic, which I never realized before.

Rita is VERY knowledgeable about food and what needs to be done to reach your goals. The food was always very tasty and she asked for my likes and dislikes so that she worked around what we wanted. She was awesome and very easy to get along with. Definitely will recommend her to all of my friends and family or anyone wanting to start a healthy eating journey for whatever reason. 

Karina E. - Health Coach

Houston, TX - USA

10-Day Detox Challenge

As a Health Coach we sometimes need to be back on track. January was the month full of challenges and everyone has the word health in mind. I could have done the detox by myself! I chose to sign up with Rita’s 10—day detox challenge (it’s more a two-week thing as the preparation is a big part to stay focus during the ten days) because I found that we are sharing the same values. The detox is not only focused on the food itself, but also on wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

During these two weeks, I have been pampered with Rita’s documents so professionally done, her videos, her presence on the private Facebook page. She is putting a lot of herself in the program. In two words: SHE CARES. Obrigado Rita!

Yuri Borges Damasceno – Human resources manager

New York, NY - USA

 3-Month Program


For those who are interested in pursuing better and healthier habits, I did a program with Rita Avellar health coach and I highly recommend her!

I learned better about nutrition in general and also better understand the needs of my body, in a simple and didactic way.

Kris and Brian Monson – Business owners

Indianapolis, IN - USA

8-Week Program

Thank you so much for working with us. We had a wonderful experience and are so thankful that we set the time aside to work with you on our goals of healthy cooking and eating habits. You are a joy to work with, very caring and understanding. You listened to us and then gently encouraged us to move forward and leave past habits behind. You taught us the importance of understanding the ingredients that are in the food we are consuming and how they play into the overall health and wellbeing of our body. We also learned how important it is to have a positive mindset to achieve our goals.  Our family thanks you as our kitchen has become a happy place to hang out and prepare healthy meals.

Frank Bundy - Component Designer

Indianapolis, IN - USA


I initially consulted Rita about weight loss, yes, I lost 11 pounds, but, more important are the changes that occurred in my habits, mindset and confidence in myself that developed during our discussions.

Rita is not only extremely knowledgeable about living a healthy lifestyle, but, a great listener, motivator, compassionate and truly cares about her clients’ success.

Working with Rita has been a life changing experience for me. I highly recommend her to others looking for a health coach, she is AWESOME, and you will love her.

Mary Shepherd - Administrative Assistant

Indianapolis, IN - USA


Thank you again for all of the good information!  I learned so much - this was so much more than I imagined it would be! I already had a good base because I have always been a "health nut" type, but I picked up so many good tips from you that I had no idea!  Also, the valuable information you provided after my 30 minutes consultation.  Following a group also helped because I felt more accountable and your daily check-ins really helped keep my focus!  I will refer you to my friends and hope they check you out!  Thanks & many blessings!

Lana Furnish - US Navy - Health Care Administrator

Indianapolis, IN - USA


Simply put, Rita was awesome! She challenged me to look deeper, she held me accountable, while still being kind, friendly, and flexible. She challenged me every time we met! And she cut through my bs, gracefully, to help me see the whole picture. I truly had a wonderful time working with Rita, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach, and would use her again myself!

Bárbara Rodrigues Mota - Screenwriter

Los Angeles, CA -USA


I lost weight and felt lighter. But, more important than that, I really feel that I detoxified physically and mentally, and I did not imagine the detox to be emotionally clean as well. It was ten days feeling more connected to myself, leaving old and bad feelings to go away, and exchanging for greater care with me. The positive things being ingested by taking out the garbage from within.


Immense gratitude for the Detox Challenge!!! You're super sweet, the videos are great, I've learned a lot and felt motivated all the time to follow. It made me feel great.

Paula Braga - Production Engineer

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


Beyond Expectations! The result on the body became a detail to what I gained in my well being. I joined the program seeking what the majority of women is looking for... weight loss. And I left it, more calm, serene, and much more aware of my body and mind. Rita's work is really differentiated, it is not just a matter of nutrition re-education, is more about searching a balance, where is offered a number of self-questions and treatments. I am so pleased with the results of Detox, that I decided to continue with the 3-month health coaching program. May this balance be perpetuated in my life!!!

Monique Cardoso - Journalist

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


It was very nice to reconnect with the habit of cooking for me, to taste the flavor of each food, to make the combinations with pleasure. The menu is not restrictive when it comes to real food. Even thou I have not lost more than a pound, but I was already fit, the main change was in my digestion issue, which was almost gone, because everything you eat during the program is perfect balanced. The bloated or nausea simply does not exist. The premenstrual bloating was much lower. It doesn't matter how much we inform ourselves, learning in practice is what makes us aware of how we are - were! - dependent on things that are not good for us. I intend to keep the instructions to really incorporate smarter eating habits.

Jacqueline Coelho – Administrator

Itajaí, SC - Brazil


When I decided to start the program, I was very discouraged, depressed, unmotivated, mainly because my physical and mental health was very compromised at the time. I always had a lot of faith in God, it was certainly this faith that helped me overcome all difficulties and that sustained me in the most difficult moments and it was this faith that allowed me to meet Rita. I always talk to Rita, that she was an angel that God put in my life. I was already looking for many professionals, but unfortunately, none of treatments worked and I can guarantee that there were several of them. After my prayer, I began to do some research on the internet and, incidentally, read the testimony of a doctor, Dr. Barakat, about the work of Rita and I were delighted and I was sure that was what I really needed. I sent an email to Rita reporting everything that was happening and to my surprise and joy, Rita answered me the same day. It was one of the best emails I received. All the attention and affection I received in this email were fundamental to be sure of the spectacular work of Rita. Certainly, with the program suggested by Rita, I was able to establish a new focus, new priorities and achieved all my goals, as well as awakening sleep skills for a long time. As a result, I achieved the total elimination of all controlled medications, the importance of having a healthy diet, improving the sedentary lifestyle, weight loss (over 5 pounds) and above all, I am happier"! The most significant global change I noticed was gratitude! Learning and living intensely this daily word is something magical, as our day to day changes, our relationships, our work environment, our well-being, finally changes everything that surrounds us.

Renata Rocha-Figueroa - Certified PGI Consultant

Orlando, FL - USA


I am so happy to have the opportunity of having Rita as my coach. I was looking for a way of getting healthier and happier with my life and myself but wasn’t sure where to start. Great program for busy business women. I learned how to pay attention to my own body signals and enjoying my meals and finding time for me and my family. I recommend Rita Avellar and her coaching to any professional woman looking for a positive change in life.

Eliseu Caetano - Journalist

Boston, MA, USA


3 months ago I heard about the work of Rita Avellar Health Coach and since then we are together in a process that aims to better health and quality of life. And the result is there in the picture: a flat stomach and other amazing improvements in different areas of my life as well. So if you want / need to change your life: I highly recommend her health coaching sessions.

Ivana Alves – Marketing Professional

São Paulo, SP - Brazil


When we started, I had idea of what I would go through the next few months of the program. In fact, my initial goals like 'lose weight' and 'eat better' ended up being the result of the whole process, but as soon as I understood what it was now no longer the key points.


Being in the program is like an awakening. It is a delicate and restrained direction of take life more calmly and calm yourself. It's like having a helping hand and a book to see "how to act" on the situations that most afflict you.

I love to think that I felt like I had a constant heavy music in my head. This song was composed by worries, fears and charges that were exchanged for a full feeling that I am well and my duties fulfilled, happy with myself and that owe nothing to anyone. Light changes sweet oriented that made me see life with much more pleasure, calm and especially healthy.

Claudia Spinola – Life Coach

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

10-Day Detox Challenge

- In 10 days she eliminated almost 8 pounds.

- Changed habits and incorporate healthy routines.

- Reduce drastically the consumption of sugar.

Laine Gomes Cornish – Marketing Professional

Fate, TX - USA

10-Day Detox Challenge

- More rested and full of energy.

- Better skin.

- Lost weight 8 pounds.

- Eliminated toxins.

Fernanda Almeida – Engineer

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

10-Day Detox Challenge

- More energy and relaxed.

- Teeth brightened.

- Silkier hair and skin.


My main goals at the start of the 3-month program were: stimulating healthy routine habits, reducing sugar and reducing anxiety. The biggest tangible change from the beginning of the program was the conscience that I must change my professional area, that working with what we love makes a difference in our life as a consequence, a more significant global change that I noticed was: reduction of anxiety.

Maria Paula Novaes – Real estate agent

San Diego, CA - USA

10-Day Detox Challenge

- The skin is softer.

- Better mood.

- Lost weight.

Marisa Avellar – Actress / Educator

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


Join this program guided by Rita Avellar, allowed me to deepen a listen to my own body. I received very valuable tools to better understand its connections, limitations and needs and so I could re (know it) and re (invent it).

The practices and recommendations always with gentleness and respect to my own time, helped me build a more conscious, strong body, harmonious and healthy. I learned to eat better and hydrate me and always move me much more pleasure.

Julia Evangelista – Screenwriter

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


I loved the program! Above all, it was an amazing self-process! I found questions about myself and my body that even in years of therapy I had never thought. Through this connection with myself is much easier to understand the signs of my body, take care of myself and not fall into such current traps before the program. In addition, Rita is a wonderful, empathetic and inspiring woman who encouraged me to make these changes happen!

Isabel Arruda Alcantara – TV Producer / Writer

Vancouver, BC - Canada


My three main goals when I start the 6-month program were to lose weight, to have a healthy lifestyle and learn new techniques. And the biggest tangible change I've noticed since I started the program was to pay more attention to the signals of my body. Pay more attention to healthy foods. Understand that it is not just eating, but a healthy lifestyle. Understand that the physical and mental health are directly connected. I higly recommend Rita Avellar for all who intend to lead a more balanced and healthy life; For those who want to change and find a new way of life.

Paola del Campo Benchimol – Fashion Designer

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

10-Day Detox Challenge

- The skin got better and fresher.

- Boosted energy.

Juliana Duarte - Journalist

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


I started my program with a Rita with well-defined goals that would be challenging. I wanted to lose weight, adopt a healthier routine and exercise every day. With the beginning of the sessions, she was leading me and we were doing a cleaning for different areas of my life that I considered primordial at that moment. Over time, I saw that there were issues that were hidden or forgotten and that did not allow me to achieve my goals. With this, I did not exactly meet what it was defined in the beginning, but I solved many other questions that I didn’t even know they needed attention on. I looked inside myself and made great internal changes. I realized that we often need to change our attitude and that we should not blame others for our failures. Rita helped me a lot in this process. Always sweet and attentive. I now feel more aware of my essence and stronger to follow my path.

Stefane Guercio Bin - Human Resources Analyst

São Paulo, SP - Brazil


I learned to listen to myself, I got rid of depression to step toward what I now believe to be closer to my life purpose. This all applied on a larger scale made me take courage to promote great changes in my life, aiming only my happiness, my essence, valued by my strengths that I learned to identify, my beauty and to know the mental the most powerful of all areas.

Juliana Cavalcanti – Movie Producer, Screenwriter

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


When I started the program, my goal was to learn how to eat better. However, over the course of the sessions I realized that the program covers much more than just nutrition. A holistic assessment is made of all your needs and from there are presented the ways to a healthier life. Rita is a dear, always available and does an excellent job, with a lot of sensitivity.

João Paulo Alcântara - TV Producer

Vancouver, BC - Canada


I am very happy with this kind of support during this change of mentality, from the beginning to the end! My three main goals when I start the 6-month program were to have more physical and mental flexibility, more energy and to lose weight. We followed together, always checking the goals and adjusting the focus. But the most significant change I noticed was an open mind for new opportunities.

Camila Almeida Monteiro – Sales Manager

Niterói, RJ - Brazil



I joined the program because I felt incapable, lost and did not know how deal with my endometriosis. And like magic, Rita knew how to make me evolve in those questions that haunted me. The most incredible thing is that not only should my emotional work be done. But also, everything that was around and even, all my way to feed me. The most tangible change was my self-esteem!!!

Wow, that gave a turnaround!!! It impressed me and boosted me! I had to accept and love myself unconditionally ... and I loved myself! Better yet ... I still love myself!!

I felt that people change when you change, it is and the result was more than I expected! I've been searching for my balance, even though I'm still wrong ... But I'm not tired of seeking my improvement!

My coach looked like she'd known me since childhood, as if we'd been friends for years. What I was saying, she answered and understood in an impressive way!!!

Rita is human, you know? Gentle, intelligent, cautious, among countless qualities! If I could, my program would last forever! It was simply wonderful!!! Thank you Rita, for everything! Especially for making me, a better person!

Maria Arthur – Advertising

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


The most significant global change I noticed was my self-esteem on the rise. Rita Avellar is a wonderful coach, friend, true, listener, critic, patient, loving, a true sweetheart in my life that I do not want to give up ever again! I recommend her program to all "disconnected" people who breathe. Today's times are running at breakneck speed, we do not have "time", we do not know how to prioritize, set goals, we are selfish and we do not put ourselves in the place of the other. We are the first to judge and point fingers. I think everyone should make this process of change and introspection to achieve a lighter and fuller life. All our moments were special, I cried, I laughed, I ignored it unconsciously, I did not do too much homework, but I bring with me, with all the affection everything we talked about, we wrote, and we decided to forever!

Adriana Pritchard - Credit Card Coordinator

Brownsburg, IN - USA

1-Day Groceries Session

My goals were to be more aware of what is consumed and what should be avoided, understanding why these restrictions. Adopt a healthier diet and take a greater interest in keeping myself updated on the subject. Finding certain foods for my kids that don’t contain the ingredients that we should avoid and that they enjoy was the hardest. But making substitutions and introduce new eating habits into my routine was easy, along with the help of my dedicated, ever-present and well-informed health coach.

Erica Cerqueira – Dentist

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil


Through the health Coach process it has become easier to notice my deficiencies and try to find time and will to fix them. Today I am more aware of my diet, more fear of sugar, I try in times of distress to police me in relation to my breathing ... these are acquisitions for the rest of my life!

During this month of July, I went to a seminar an endocrinologist, well updated on his field and your recommendations were the same as his when it comes to the composition of what you put on a plate and the recommendations of healthy habits. As well as the criticisms about sugar and soda, even diet ones. I highly recommend the process for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

Thayse Franco - Nutricionist

Indianapolis, IN - USA


Along with my coach, I could start cooking my own food, eat healthier and take care of my body and mind, improving my mood. She was a person who came to wake me from a playful moment in my life. I was totally unmotivated and she made me see what I was no longer wanting to see, the fact that I needed to take care of my health. I recommend her to all those who are looking for change. Not only on food aspect, but in the spiritual one as well. A help from a professional count a lot.

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