Why Do You Still Eat Badly?

When we finally discover the power of nutrition to cure us of depression, anxiety and so many other moods and diseases, life changes.

Nutrition can literally and metaphorically bring us a cure.

But sometimes still, we don't eat well. Even when we experience a little healing, we still don't look for healthy foods. Why?

To access more healing, we need to increase our understanding of nutrition with a better understanding of how we deal with stress.

Because even though your food choices make you feel good and even decrease or eliminate the need for medication, you still decide to consume foods that you do not do well. Why?

When you are under stress, you are uncommitted to your life and of course you will not be able to control your food even though it can heal you.

Diet culture teaches us that this inconsistency in nutritional choices is just a lack of willpower and discipline. "Oh come on, he/she has no willpower!", You must have heard that. That is why many people are unable to comply with their feeding protocol. But this is a limiting point of view.

This collective "battle" of our culture with food and our bodies is not just a word. It is a strategy.

There is so much to prepare to not eat, say or do the wrong thing that the effect of this is that we relate to our food, body and life from a perspective of conflict, of battle!

We are in a psychological battle with food and our bodies when we use the words "must" or "has to".

These fears are the brake on our healing. We want to eat well. We want the energy to increase and move. We also don't want to be judged.

Exhaustion and failure to constantly be on the alert turn food into a refuge. Therein lies the danger!

But there is a solution!

There are clear ways to respond to the conflict. When these patterns become aware, that is, it makes us aware of why we are making such choices, we can then stop fighting and choose to act differently.

Ask yourself:

What are your triggers, feelings and patterns when you are dealing with stress?

And how does it affect your food choices?

Be aware of how much stress you are experiencing in your life affects your poor nutrition choices. This makes it easier to raise the white flag in this battle, going to the root of the problem that triggered the stress and thus changing the way you eat.