Why Coach is Called Coach?

Coaching is a way of helping people achieve their goals by supporting the clients during their process of changing. But have you ever heard the history of the word “coach”? Here it goes:

It all started in the Little Hungarian Plains of northwest Hungary in the village of Kocs. “Coach” means ram or sheep, but this village became famous for an invention that changed the world.

It was during the 15th century, that the village made their main living from building carts and transporting goods between Vienna and Budapest. Around this time, an unknown carriage maker in Kocs created a larger, more comfortable carriage than any known at the time. It was called a Koczi szeter, a ‘wagon of Kocs,’ which was shortened to kocsi.

Over the next century the kocsi became popular and was copied throughout Europe. The name became kutsche in German, coche in French, and coach in English.

And what this story has to do with the “coach”?

The use of the word for this kind of professional who mentors and guides their clients on their journey came as a beautiful metaphor. During the 18th century in England, the students used tutors to prepare for exams. The slang reference for tutors became “coach” because tutors quickly and comfortably “carried” students to their goal of passing their exams, carrying them to one point to another. Interested, right?

Let’s start your journey?

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