What Happens to Your Health When You Go 10 Days Without Sugar

10 days without sugar…

Can you imagine that? There are some women who would think “no way!! I just can’t do it” and others will be like “that is easy-peasy”.

Either situations, 10 days without having sugar can do wonders to your health.

And I am not only talking about losing weight!

Here are some of these amazing benefits:

  • Boosted energy: No more energy ups and downs or feeling tired in the end of the day.

  • Better dental health: Eating sugar can lead to cavity and other dental issues. Something you know since you were a kid, but you might have forgotten as an adult, right?

  • Gorgeous fresh-looking skin: Yep my friend, a diet full of sugar can reduce your skin’s collagen production and welcome premature signs of aging.

  • Say to goodbye to belly fat: Sugary food spikes your blood sugar, triggering a wave of insulin through your body, which over time help fat to accumulate around your middle, AKA visceral fat, which can contribute to conditions like heart disease and cancer.

  • A strong immune system: Less sugar in your body, less acidity and less inflammation. Two important factors to help your immune system.

  • Happiness: Sugar can lead to happiness? Well, temporally. Consumption of sugar is related to depression (read more here) and when we get rid of the sugar craving and addiction you feel free of this fake happiness!

Let’s do it? You can do it, I know!

To help you out, join us for the next group of 10-Day Detox Challenge where you will learn how to reduce or even cut sugar out of life and other amazing benefits and lasting habits for your health.

Click here for more information here.

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