Weight Loss Mindset

Losing weight is an easy formula. The 5 basic pillars are food, digestion, physical activity, hormones imbalance and your mind. They combined makes you lose weight. Sounds simple and it is, but as everything in life, simple can be tricky, especially when MIND comes together.

Our mind can control everything in our physical body and then it can help us to lose or gain weight. That is the reason a weight loss mindset is necessary in any weight loss program. Even if you are eating right and exercising, if you don’t have your mindset ready for this goal, everything turns effortless.

Here I will approach 3 mindsets that are not helping you to lose weight and how you can change them to positive ones. Here it goes the first one:

“I don’t know why I don’t lose weight.”

If you have done everything you can imagine based on the pillars food, digestion, physical activity and hormones imbalance and spent money on nutritionists, personal trainers, gyms, doctor, supplements and still struggle with your weight and keep this question on your head, for sure there is something not connecting.

On a scale of 0 to 10, how much losing weight is important for you? If you answer 10, your efforts should be 10 too. Because losing weight will become a priority in your life. If your efforts are below 10, losing weight is not a priority for you.

Understand the priorities in your life, you take off a huge weight you start carrying on your back without noticing. Demanding too much from yourself something that is not a priority is frustrating. Repeated frustration turns to stress in your body and stress turns to accumulated fat and overweight.

How to change this mindset?

1. Understanding how much losing weight is important for you at this present moment.

2. Equalizing the desire of losing weight to the size of your efforts.

3. Prioritizing it in your daily routine.

4. Listening to what your body is telling you. Accumulated fat is a way we can “protect” ourselves. What kind of protection are you searching today and why?

“I don’t see any results”

When you repeat that to yourself and others, you are misjudging yourself and committing a couple of mistake about your efforts. Let’s say you started with your plan to lose weight based on the 5 pillars I mentioned yesterday (food, physical activity, digestion, hormones balance and your mind). You have everything planned and good to go. But, what is your idea of time?

Big changes (depending on how much you want/need to lose) need a long-term planning. 1 year? 3 years? It will really depend on your goals, but less than a year for a big change in your life and habits is the minimum.

With that in mind, you have to start combining your actions to the idea of a long-term plan. What that means? Well, sometimes we can’t just follow by the letter, after all, we are humans, right? But if you are committed to your goals for a long-term your mindset will be “I will see results because I am committed to myself”. That way you will be interested in the results and not on the immediate pleasure that a sweet or being a potato couch can give you.

Also, when you are committed to your goals for a long-term plan, you will celebrate any good result, because you know you are on your path to it.

So, how to change this mindset?

1. Understanding that big changes need a long-term plan.

2. Being interested in the results and not on the immediate pleasure.

3. Celebrate (and why not reward yourself) for every good result you had.

“I am determined to lose weight, but no one thinks I need."

This mindset is related to who you hang out, your friends, your peeps. In this case there are 2 options. Or you hang out with people who are unhealthy, eat bad and don’t care of their bodies, and then when you come and say you want to lose weight, start having new healthy habits and they say you don’t need, they are not being friends and for sure they don’t want you to go to the healthy side, right? So, look around, check who you hang out with. Your friends mirror also your choices of how you treat your health.

But if your friends are healthy or at least worry about their health in some level and they don’t think you need to lose weight, then make sure you are not exaggerating. Maybe you need to lose some stubborn located fat or tone up a little bit. Consult a doctor and/or a nutritionist to make sure you are doing in a healthy way.

So, how to change this mindset?

1. Identifying who you hang out with. Are your friends healthy or they don’t take care about their health?

2. If they are not healthy and think you don’t need to lose weight and do healthy choices, it is time to find better inspirations for your health.

3. But to make sure you are not overacting, consult a doctor and/or a nutritionist.

I hope you can unlock your limitations mindset and embrace positive ones. ;)

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