Weight loss saboteurs

You decide to go on a diet. Then you go on a diet. Also you decide to start working out. Cut sugar, cut this, cut that. Drink a miracle tea….and in the end of a month of sacrifice, no results! What is happening to your body response to lose weight?

Find out here 3 weight loss saboteurs and start changing your perspective on how to really lose weight for good!

1. Imbalanced Gut

You know that health begins in the gut, right? Then a not healthy gut, which means not having a special combination of species of bacteria which are going to metabolize carbs, fats and proteins properly and other that will help fight inflammation, to respond insulin resistance and so on.

That’s said, what can you do to improve your gut? Eat more probiotics food, like fermented food, kombucha (fermented tea), apple cider vinegar, kefir, tempeh, miso or even take probiotics supplements (talk to a professional to get help on that). Besides that, be careful of antibiotics, they can wipe out your gut diversity.

2. Hormone Imbalance

Losing weight is not only calories in, calories out. Calories do matter, but for some people (actually, 99% of weight loss resistance people) hormones matter more. And when hormones are out of whack, it doesn’t matter the diet, because it simply won’t work. ;)

Could be insulin and/or leptin blockage, excess cortisol (most of the time due to stress), low testosterone, estrogen dominance, a slow thyroid, and some issues with the HPA (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal) control system. To determine what kind of hormonal imbalance you have, you need to take some tests. Ask your physician or functional medicine practitioner to order them, which basically you must do in the morning after 8-12 hours fast.

Once you figure it out what types of hormones are imbalanced is time for some action! This protocol is suitable to any imbalance, but also, to any adult feeling difficulty in losing weight, women who always used non-free Bisphenol A plastic packing or bottles, who have been under stress, not eating enough nutrients, over 40+, who take birth control or have just stopped, doesn’t sleep well and those people so addicted to cardio exercise and never balance with other calming and stretching activity.

- Remove sugar, sugar substitutes, processed foods, refined carbs. Eliminate alcohol for a month. Limit coffee and substitute for green tea.

- Move your body, but always remembering to mix different activities. Try Yoga, pilates, swimming, dancing, barre classes, weight lifting, walking, running and walking.

- Add omega-3, vitamin D3 and B vitamins.

- Try some adaptogen, like Ashwagandha.

- Try some relaxing activity like massage, flotation session, sauna…

- Talk to a friend, a therapist, someone who can inspire you.

- And last but not least, try meditation or any breathing technique.

3. Stress

But how can stress make us gain weight? When we are feeling a lot of pressure from work, bad relationships, family… most of us become over-eaters. This mechanism happens due to your fight-or-flight response, or the survival mode.

Once your body reaches a certain stress level, it does what it feels it needs to. In most cases, that means overeat. And what happens to your body in this process? Your levels of "the stress hormone," the cortisol, rise during these.

To get worse, you also get high insulin levels, then your blood sugar drops and you crave for? Sugar!! And fatty foods! But, bad fat!! Also, you feel more tired, depressed, all that takes you a bad scenario, right? Laziness, bad food, depression. Not good!

What to do then?

- Understand what is the root cause of your stress and get plans to rid of them. Yes, you can move to another job. Yes, you can break up with a bad relationship….

- Start practicing meditation and/or breathing techniques every day after waking up. It will change your life and you can do for only 5 minutes.

- Practice gratitude every day, by thinking 3 things your grateful for. That helps bring you into the present moment, which reduces stress.

- Have fun! Find some activity you like to do, and do it at least once a week.

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