* Transformation * 🙌 Comes from Latin TRANSFORMARE, "a complete change in someone or something’s form, shape, aspect”.

Since very early we are pressed to choose. Choose a profession, choose what we want from life, what we should be, how to be, what to do. It is so much choice to make and often, in a short period of time, that when we perceive, we choose wrong or we chose what was right at the moment and then the moment changes.

It sounds cliché, but it is not. All of us can change direction, follow what the heart asks in the moment, listen to our inner voice, TRANSFORM, that is, change the shape. 😉

This picture was taken when I was filming my TV show about fashion in 2012

Changing the shape or form does not mean that you are inconsistent or undecided, though as you sometimes need to focus on a certain thing to move forward, but change significantly to be courageous with yourself.

For me profession was always something beyond important. Work with something that gives me pleasure, professional and financial satisfaction and that I do with love is sine qua non condition for me.

I started with this challenge from an early age. I wanted to be a film producer, archaeologist, historian, nutritionist, costume designer, fashion designer, journalist, businesswoman, police investigator. I started out with fashion college, I went through communication, business administration and ended up with fashion college again. Throughout this process, I worked in big companies, in a record company, with fashion, movie and finally, I opened my own content agency that for 8 years was my daughter. Before I got to health coaching training, I still went through a "dating" period with screenplays and literature. Everything, everything, but everything I did, I always did with love and perseverance. I can say that I did well in everything I decided to work with, because I have carried love in everything. But the "inner voice" came banging the door one more time almost 3 years ago, asking me to review everything. Asking above all to "change my shape". Then, when I was almost 40 years I decided to TRANSFORM. To seek out what made sense to me professionally at the moment in my life. I became a health coach. It is not out of nowhere, because the health coach already existed inside of me. But I allowed myself to change the form, I accepted my experience in other areas (which I use this vast experience my health coaching methid) and I allowed to live what I believe.🙏

And you, what needs to change the shape in your life?

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