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Have ever heard about the thermogenic food? They are those that our body needs to use more calories to perform digestion. In other words, this process induces the metabolism to work at a fast pace, spending more calories and can contribute to weight loss.

Who better explains about the thermogenic is the nutritionist Carolina Marques, our guest today. Carolina says you have to moderate the consumption, because in excess, they can lead to the onset of symptoms such as stomach pain, headache, tachycardia, hypoglycemia and insomnia. And remember: pregnant women, people with hypertension and some associated disease, you should consult a specialist.

Write down the great suggestions Carolina Marques gave us below and accelerate its metabolism!

- Ginger has a substance that aids in weight loss for its ability to increase metabolism by stimulating the fat burning. Also it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, gas and indigestion.

- Cinnamon induces an increase in body temperature and enhances the immune system. In addition, it has regulatory effect on glucose bringing benefits for type 2 diabetic.

- Pepper is source of capsaicin, which is leading to an increase in energy expenditure. This helps in increasing the number of calories expended per day.

Carolina Marques (Functional and Sport Nutricionist)

Celular: (+55 21) 99801-9201

Consultório: (+55 21) 3042-5718

Instagram: @carolmarquesnutri


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