The Ultimate Cellulite Treatment – Follow up part 2

When I decided to do this cellulite experiment, I thought I could do it during 20 days. I was wrong! Cellulite is not only a simple inflammation to treat with nutrition, workout and other tools, but also tons of patience. The last post I wrote about this ultimate cellulite treatment , I listed 11 nutrition tips to treat this awful inflammation and I thought I was going to write again in one week and it has been almost a month (!) and I am still trying and experiencing new natural possible treatments, and of course, doing EVERYTHING at the same time. ;)

I guess this experiment will take longer than I thought, much longer actually. Therefore, I decided to not set up a date specifically and just let my body heals in a peaceful way while I am doing whatever I can (when it comes to natural treatment) to get rid of cellulite.

Today I will talk about the other tools besides food that could help on the treatment. Here they are:

1. Lymphatic drainage: I remember when I used to do this massage in Rio every week, my cellulite level was much lower. Since I moved to Indianapolis I haven’t found a lymphatic drainage massage therapist around, so I do it by myself using lavender oil or sesame oil and I focus on my tights, butt and abs. But of course, doing by myself doesn’t have the same effect.

2. Dry brushing: I have already talked about the great benefits of dry brushing here and for sure one of the benefits is to treat the cellulite.

3. Homemade cream: I like the creams made with coconut oil, and besides the “classical” one with coffee, I found this amazing recipe by Dr. Josh Axe made with coconut oil and grapefruit oil. So simple and smells so good. I am going for my second jar. Check out here.

4. Squats: This super-efficient movement can not only promise a firmer butt ;) but also can help a lot, if working along with cardio workout.

5. Cardio workout: Cardio will help you lose fat, which can help you with cellulite. But it has to be a work together with strength training and also yoga.

6. Meditation: Yes, meditation can help! That does not mean that you will only meditate and forget about your diet and training. But meditating can bring peace and a restful mind and since tension contributes to cellulite, it is worth trying. Right? ;)

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