The Power of Visualization

Let's suppose you have an important meeting to attend. Before the meeting you feel anxious because you keep thinking how you are going to present yourself during the meeting and you think you will fail, you will not do well. And then the meeting happens and guess what? You fail.

Another story. You have to go in a surgery and you are afraid of it. You keep thinking about the fear of not having a succefulsul result. Then you go to the surgery and the results were not good ones.

Different stories, but the same mechanism. When you antecipate in your mind what is going to happen, the situation will happen the way you visualize it. On a negative or positive way. This is the power of visualization. But, if you change your mindset turning it to a positive one? What would happen? It is the same mechanism. Think, visualize and deliver it. To make it work for you, in a positive way of course, practice every single day!

Here is a suggested technique:

  • Start by doing some relaxing breathing techiniques.

  • Close your eyes.

  • First, see yourself physically. How do you look? Hair, body, clothes?

  • Then, how is your mind? Calm, confident, powerful...? How is the energy around you? Safe, uplifiting, happy?

  • See yourself in the situation you are going to face.

  • See happening the way you want it to happen. Feel yourself grounded.

  • Thank yourself. and the Universe.

  • Open your eyes.

Note: you can do this technique to help someone you love too.

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