The Keys for Happiness - How to Achieve it in 3 Steps

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You might think “here it goes the happiness talk…”. We know that the searching for happiness is something exhausting for some people. The constant happiness is not easy, and sometimes impossible. But, at the same time it is reachable when we create some specific daily habits that help us to build constant happiness, even if our mind makes us believe not.

Do you want so help? Here are some tips to practice every day!

1. Eat clean + Exercise daily + Sleep well: This really known trio is crucial to help you achieve constant happiness. Having the nutrients your body needs through a healthy diet, getting endorphins by exercising and having more positive emotions with a rested mind, definitely helps you be happier.

How to: Baby steps, always. When it comes to eating healthy, if you just reduce the amount of processed food and sugar, and make most of the food you eat, that is a big step. Exercise is the same thing. You can start walking (even inside of your house) for 10 minutes. And sleep is a key part. 7 hours minimum to start feeling the difference in your mind and body.

2. Meditation: A calmer and more positive mind = happier you. And it is known also, that the feeling last throughout your day. And guess what, you just need 5 minutes.

How to: Start doing 5 minutes a day in the morning for example. Or you can use guided meditation, like this one here I created to help you.

3. Be grateful: Different studies have shown that expressing gratitude often increases happiness and fulfillment, also, can reduce stress and depression, and relieves the symptoms of illness.

How to: Every morning you can write on a notebook or even your phone, 3 things you are grateful for. That works wonders!!

And what the dog picture has to do with happiness? Even if you don't have one, just looking this silly face you want to smile ;)

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