The Importance of Healthy Skin

Is there a better way to make a great first impression than with a big smile and glowing, vibrant skin? I don’t think so.

Fun fact! Just like your gut, Your skin works in conjunction with your immune, endocrine, and nervous systems to ensure your whole body is functioning properly.

In order to obtain that youthful, radiant glow there are foods with key ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and superfoods that are best for keeping your skin healthy and happy. This routine is easy to implement in a busy life.

Here are the foods for a more youthful you!

  • Collagen

The most abundant protein in your skin, having a healthy store of collagen is vital for promoting better skin hydration and elasticity. If you are looking for a good source of collagen protein in foods take a look at buying more bone broth, wild salmon, or products including chlorella.

  • Omega 3

Known as good fats that help fight inflammation. Some great sources of Omega-3’s come from cold-deep water fish (like Alaskan salmon or mackerel), raw walnuts, chia seeds, hemp, and flax. For a veggie-friendly option, you can have some roasted Brussel-sprouts.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the formation of healthy skin cells - consider getting your daily dose sunbath outside or taking vitamin D supplement.

  • Chlorella

A green superfood that helps build up your body’s and skin’s defenses, chlorella can also be swapped out with wheat-grass, parsley, and seaweed.

  • Vitamin C

Found in many fruits, like berries, and shown to reduce the effect of free radicals (which are known to break down collagen production). Vitamin C plays a critical role in collagen synthesis, brightening the appearance of our complexion and evening our skin tone.

  • Silica

An essential mineral for collagen production. You can also increase your silica intake by snacking on whole grains and bananas.

  • Biotin

Plays a big role in carb, fat, and protein metabolism and may help promote collagen production, controls breakouts, and decreases inflammation. It is common in many foods mentioned above.

  • Vitamin E

If you are looking for a good source of collagen protein in food take a look at buying more bone broth or wild salmon.

A great way to naturally include all these in your diet is to include an easy go-to strategy of drinking a fruit protein smoothie or bowl and taking a daily supplement that supports collagen production to ensure your skin is getting the nutrients it craves.

I highly suggest to enjoy a daily Organifi GLOW superfood drink to help promote your body’s natural collagen production.

Get yours here and use my code RITAA to get 15% off in any Organifi product.

Let's now talk about 4 habits that you can incorporate in your skincare routine for a radiant glow. You can easily implement this routine in a busy life, since it takes just a couple of minutes!


Make cleansing 1-2 times a day part of your routine! Washing your face and/or taking a shower in the morning before going about your day will help remove the layer of build-up that was produced while you were sweating or sleeping.

For normal to dry skin types, only wash your face at night to prevent removing too many natural oils from your skin.


Hydration is everything when it comes to vibrant skin! Not only does dehydrated skin show more wrinkles, but it reduces your skin’s ability to create a barrier. You should always use a moisturizer after cleansing, but the type will depend on your unique skin type.

Tip: Make sure you have a dedicated moisturizer for your body and a separate one for your face.


Give your skin an extra leg up with sun protection. I recommend avoiding sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and instead try a natural zinc sun protection product.

You can apply regular sunscreen before makeup. Remember to let it dry before applying anything else!


After a long day make sure you remove all your makeup. If you do add a primer and makeup to your routine, it’s very important to gently remove it each night.

This is an important step because many cleansers won’t remove all your makeup, leaving the opportunity for clogged and inflamed pores!

Final Thoughts

  • Eat whole foods that contain the vitamins and nutrients, your skin craves and maintain a daily skincare routine that helps your skin restore and rejuvenate itself each day.

  • Fruits and vegetables are our friends! They fortify and strengthen our skin from the inside out.

  • A healthy routine doesn’t have to be difficult. Implement these easy tips for glowing radiant skin and add Glow by Organifi into your healthy daily routine.

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