The Best 6 Tips to Not Gain Weight During Social Isolation

Updated: Apr 7

In the beginning of the social isolation that the entire world had (and some places still have) to go through, most of people didn't worry too much with weight gaining.

First, because we didn't know how much time it would need to stay home. "A quick vacation", "I can manage staying home for a couple weeks". But as soon as we started realizing that the Covid-19 situation is harder that we thought and social isolation is one of the main key to slow the spread, a lot of questions started coming out and keep your body healthy and fit is for sure, one of them.

When I say stay fit, it sounds like "come on, people are dying and you are worry about gaining weight?". But it is much more than that!

Gain extra weight, specially around the stomach area, increase the chances of diabetes, heart problems, lack of vitality and can lower your immune system!!

And right now, we all know that keeping a healthy immune system plays an important and is one of the actions you can take to prevent the spread of this virus. Learn more about 5 attitudes you can take here!

So here is what I decided to share with you. The best 6 tips to not gain weight during social isolation. The idea is to put you back on track and help you avoid the unavoidable desire to eat our way through the lockdown.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Even if it is not possible to keep up with your current diet (for any reasons), at least keep a balanced diet. That means: vegetables, fruit (prefer choosing low glycemic ones, like berries), good sources of protein and good sources of fats (olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocado...).

Want to eat something sweet? Make your own! And leave it for the weekend. Here on my blog you find several delicious and healthy recipes.

2. Don't snack

First, think why you snack? We only snack if we need to gain weight or if we are on an "emergency" mode, like when you're out and about and the next meal will take time to come. But besides these situations, there is no reason to snack!

If you feel hungry between meals, try to distract yourself by doing something different or even, drink water, sometimes when you are hungry you are actually thirsty. 

3. Keep up with your routine

When you keep up with your routine, your body will continue working like a clock. You will have the same time to go the bathroom, same time to have your meals, to go bed and so on.

So you avoid problems with constipation, which makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Exercise everyday

This tip here is to keep with your exercise routine as much as possible, of course. But if you don't exercise everyday, try to move your body on a daily basis at this moment.

Could be something like 15-20 minutes a day. Because when we stay home, we automatically move less and exercising everyday will help your body keep on burning the extra calories you will get of not moving your body as much as before.

5. Drink hot teas

Besides helping with your immune system by helping warming up your body and improving your digestion, drinking hot teas, specially the green tea, which it is rich in antioxidants and also suppress the appetite.

6. Manage your stress

"Yeah, right. Managing the stress is the hardest part." I know my dear! Being stuck in the house, sometimes dealing with the family more than you wanted, thinking about your finances, the virus and so on is not easy!

But remember, when you are stressed out, what do you usually do? You will look for "comfort" foods, like high-carbs and sugar!

You can manage your stress in different ways. One of the best ways is through breathing and meditation. Start your day with a gratitude guided meditation is something that I always suggest my clients.

First because you will put your mind in a grateful mode right after you get out of the bed. The more grateful you are, the more you focus your mind on the present moment, creating connections in your brain that will bring more solutions to your life and more peace.

Second is that guided meditation helps you to focus in only one thing at a time and this again, brings your mind to the present moment.

Here is my gratitude guided meditation for you to try in the morning.

I hope these tips can help you. If you need more help to keep up with your health during this difficult time and take care of your immune system, join my Unbeatable Immune System Guide for free. Just click here to join in!