Small Attitudes to Save the Earth

Today, April 22, Earth Day, I wanted to share some tips accessible to all of us. Small attitudes that implemented in your daily life that will make a huge difference.

In addition to helping save the planet, you can still save some money and create a healthier routine.

Because when we talk about "saving the planet", a lot of people already do that face "there's the eco-annoying-lady", but one thing is for sure: we need to talk about it!

With small attitudes it becomes easier to apply and becomes a habit, but a healthy habit for you and our Earth.

1. Use totes instead of plastic bags.

It's very simple. Going to do groceries.... carry your totes. Better yet if you have one already at hand always with you in the bag, then, there is no excuse.

Here are my favorite brands, here and here.

2. Have your water bottle and cup always with you

Water bottle is easy, right? In addition to creating the habit of drinking more water, you won't contribute to have more plastic in the world and save some money too. The same goes for carrying your cup of coffee or tea for work, for example. Oh and no straw, right?

Here are my favorite brands, here and here.

3. Buy Locally

Eating local produce is not just a hipster trend. If you buy as much as you can from what is grown or produced locally, you can save a huge amount of energy on shipping. Don't worry if you want to consume some off-season fruit from time to time because buying locally and in season most of the time will make up for that.

4. Be smart when doing groceries

That means, plan, plan and plan. Make lists before going to the grocery store, buy only what will be consumed in the week, run away from food that lasts an eternity (with the exception of honey ;) ) and which are full of additives. And let's all end the full refrigerator and pantry syndrome.

5. Enjoy leftovers

Some rice left? Make a delicious stir-fry the next day. Some cooked vegetables left? Make some soup. Using the leftovers is a creativity and awareness exercise!

6. Pay attention to the abuse with water

That is a classic: do not take long baths, do not brush your teeth with the water running... so think of these attitudes. Everyday!

7. Reduce red meat

Look, I was a vegetarian myself and nowadays I eat animal protein. But one thing is known. Exaggerated consumption of meat has environmental impact, yes, and it is clear, of course, that beef production has a significant negative effect on the environment. Keep bacon and salmon, but cut the burgers and steaks as much as you can. If you can at least join to the "monday without meat" movement it will already make a difference.

8. Recycle

Nowadays most companies, buildings, condominiums have recycling collection, if there isn't a system at where you live, please talk to someone responsible for it. Learn how to separate your trash at home and when you're out, look for specific trash cans.

More tips? Fore sure, there are many! But as I said, starting with these little attitudes will create awareness and change your life as well. If you want, share your tip here in the comments.

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