Organifi Red Juice Yum Bowl

I just love products that besides being healthy are adaptable in different recipes. The Red Juice Superfood Powder by Organifi is one of them! 😍 So I created this delicious bowl which is:

✔️Full of antioxidants

✔️Sugar, gluten and lactose free

✔️ Great for your skin

✔️Helps to boost your metabolism ✔️Helps mental clarity

✔️Gives you extra energy! •

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And here it goes the recipe!

✔️1 scoop Red Juice Superfood Powder by @organifi

✔️ 1 banana

✔️ 1/2 avocado

✔️1/4 cup coconut milk

✔️ 2 tablespoons almond butter (pure)

✔️ Dash of cinnamon

✔️ A little bit of vanilla extract

Just blend all the ingredients. For toppings, you can use your creativity. 🤩 i used coconut flakes, almonds, blackberries and chia seeds. Enjoy!! 💛

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