Metabolic Test

Monday is considered the world's day of diet. And with that inspiration I will share with you my experience with the metabolic test of One Care company held in Rio de Janeiro on November 17. Are you ready?

We know that many factors influence weight loss and gain of muscle mass. The physical part (nutrition, physical exercises) and mental (thoughts, attitudes towards life). When I work with a client that has one of those goals, lose weight and / or gain muscle, we enter the most varied spheres of life to find the balance between them and thus promote the ultimate goal. Metabolic testing is another great tool for discovering how our body works and responds to stimuli, diet and exercise, and even when it is resting. One Care has developed this test to help professionals such as health coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers better understand how the metabolism of each individual attended works, because each person works in a way.

Through it, it is possible to identify caloric deficit, how your metabolism is reacting, how the actual calorie expenditure in various physical exercises and also your daily expenditure. That is, it is a tool for improving the quality of life!

The test lasts for a maximum of 1.5 hours and can be done directly in the company or through the office of nutritionist Patricia Davidson or at home. The test is only done in Rio de Janeiro, for now.

We begin with a sort of anamnesis to understand how your eating and physical activity is during the day. Then we go to the physical tests. The first test is to understand how your metabolism is at rest. So you lie down with a nose clip to breathe only through your mouth to be able to measure how much oxygen you are consuming.

Then you go to the test to measure the active metabolism to check how many calories you spend on physical activity. You wear a mask to check your oxygen intake and they also check your heart rate while you cycle on the exercise bike. At first we go up to 70% of our capacity and then it goes up. Needless to say, I was exhausted, right? ;)

Ready! The test was done. I did it on a Thursday and received the results the next day. I was eager to better understand my metabolism and to show you how the test works by sharing what was seen in mine. So the conclusions we reached in my case were:

- I need to distribute my food better during the day, as there is a very big gap between lunch and dinner.

- My resting metabolism has a little more than average expenditure, so I can invest in more exercises like, bodybuilding, which even after doing I continue to burn calories at rest.

- Invest in more short duration aerobic exercise with increased intensity, such as HITT.

For me it was a great and important information that will only add more quality and intelligence to my eating and physical activity options.

If you are interested in doing this test, the amount varies between $ 50-120 and just get in touch with Tarcísio Maia or Raphael Prestes by the Instagram of One Care here or by Page on Facebook.

If you have any heart problems, please talk to your cardiologist first.

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