It is time for lunch box, baby!

One of the best ways to keep you focused on your diet, a new way of eating and/or being disciplined to what you eat is to pack your own lunch box.

Sounds like a hassle, right? But packing your food could be fun and also it is one of the best ways to be healthy, do you know why?

Nowadays we can find great and healthy options for lunch out. Restaurants, some (just some…) food chains and healthy groceries store could be an option, but even the healthiest restaurant could still use canola oil to cook, for example.

The only way to make sure you are eating clean is to prepare you own food. To help you out, here it goes 5 tips to make the lunch box time fun!

1. Planning ahead

Planning ahead could not sound fun, right? But when you start thinking what kind of food you want to prepare (and eat!) then planning could be fun.

Think about how your week will be. Where you are going, if you have a place to heat your food (please, not microwave oven, instead, try to find electric ones), a fridge to storage it and what kind of food is better to carry if you need to travel long distance.

If you need an extra help, download here my weekly menu planning.

2. Storage

Avoid plastic containers, even if they are BPA-free, they change the flavor of food and they are not healthy for you at all. Instead, choose glass. One of my favorites is the glass jars!

Besides being cute, they are easy to carry and you can use for any type of food. Don’t forget the ice pack to help keep your food cool.

3. Liquids

Besides your food, you can also pack you water bottle (important to remind you to drink water throughout the day), some options of tea, and some other liquids for example, kombucha, coconut water.

4. Get inspired

Internet is always a great place to get inspired to create meals, salads in a jar, bowls and other healthy foodie ideas. Check out my blog here for more healthy recipes!

5. The best part: choosing your lunch box

Then you have all this hassle and your lunch box is not cool? How is that? Nowadays you can find different kinds of lunch boxes for any type of person. Find the one that suits your personality and enjoy!

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