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Schools are back or coming back soon! After months of fun, sleeping late and a different routine to have meals, school time is good also to make them go back to a regular routine and that means, eating health meals regularly. But if they eat at school, is that possible? Well, unfortunately most of schools don’t have good options for breakfast and lunch. And to help parents with low income, the prices are low, which would be great to guarantee the access to food, but, the food available make every kid more sick than healthy. Loaded with sugar, bad oils, non-organic fruits and vegetables, refined carbs and processed food. This is really sad! A good nutritious diet can help your kid learn better by helping them to concentrate and focus, giving good energy and a good digestion, that can change everything in anyone’s life.

Instead, a poor diet can contribute to:

  • Type-2 diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Hypertension

  • Lack of interesting

  • Depression

  • Hyperactivity

  • Difficulty in learning

  • Low immune system

If all that said, can you still believe they serve canned fruit, hot dog, nuggets, potato fries, dinner rolls and tons and tons of bad protein and white flour?

How can you help your kids? Preparing their lunch boxes! Here I selected some of favorite tips to help you with this not-easy chore, but so important for their health and believe me, more inexpensive, since they won’t be as sick as before.

1. The macros nutrients

Try to make a combination of the 3 macros in each lunch: carbs, (good) fat and protein. Fat and protein are more important than the carbs to give them enough energy to study and play.

2. Substitution is the key

You can eat “fast-food” but in a healthy way. Pizza could be made with rice cakes, a slice of cheese and a good ham and cherry tomatoes. You can make chocolate milk using raw cocoa, coconut milk and a little bit of honey. Muffins could be made with almond flour, flaxseed flour or any gluten free and other fresh ingredients. Internet is full of great recipes and ideas (my blog too! ;))

3. Make it fun

Either if you have little kids, or teenagers, make the lunch box fun. Cool lunch boxes that they can pick, cute containers, a different bag or even something you can write on the plastic bags as a surprise. They like to feel special.

4. Ask for help

I know it is hard to create something new every day and/or pack every night or morning, but they can help too. Teenagers specially! The help can start when you do groceries, search for recipes and when preparing it.

5. Storage

Ice packs to preserve the cold foods, bottles that can be well tighten, plastic and paper bags, safe containers are important to storage the food well and keep them safe for your kids.

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