How to wash your hands efficiently

Updated: Mar 17

Washing your hands efficiently is the best way to prevent disease. In times of flu, such as that caused by COVID-19 or the so-called Coronavirus, this simple act of washing your hands needs to be thought out and shared with everyone, especially children.

When we talk about washing your hands, it means washing your hands after using the bathroom, before cooking, when touching public surfaces (such as ATMs), after getting in contact with sick people, for example.

Does it generate a certain paranoia? Yes! ;) But here comes that old saying, prevention is better than cure.

Before showing you how to wash your hands (here I am giving an example of an ordinary citizen and not health professionals who also need to wash their forearms), here are some important notes:

1. Look for neutral soaps and avoid artificial fragrances that interfere with the health of your hormones.

2. Some people tend to get their hands drier, and depending on where they live and the season, crackers on the fingers may appear. Therefore, it is important to choose a hand moisturizer to be able to use during the day. But just like the soap, choose one without artificial fragrances and chemicals harmful to your health.

3. When washing your hands in a public bathroom, remember to use paper towels or if you don't have them available, use your elbow or arm to turn off the tap and open the door handle, otherwise you will wash your hands but will still touch surfaces that may be contaminated.

4. In public bathrooms that only have an automatic hand dryer (the one with a wind that dries your hands), avoid using them. It is best to let it dry naturally or use a piece of toilet paper.

5. Can't you wash your hands when you are out? Always carry a hand sanitizer with you. And it is worth repeating, no artificial fragrances (if you want to know more about these artificial chemicals that can interfere with your health, join in the next 10-Day Detox Challenge).

So now watch the video and share these tips with those you love!