How to Sleep Better: 6 great tips!

Updated: Jan 14

The common sense says 8 hours of sleep each night is what everybody needs to rest and feel healthier, but we know that could vary from person to person, some can sleep less and other can sleep more (me! ;) ).

But what it is important, besides finding how many hours suit your needs, is to have a good quality sleep.

To help all the busy women who have difficulty sleeping, here it goes 6 great tips to have better nights’ sleep and of course, you feel healthier and with more energy during the day:

1. Bedtime is bedtime

Could be 30 minutes or 1 hour before going to bed, but you need to create a bedtime environment, like a ritual you will repeat every night to calm you down and prepare your body and mind to a better and deep sleep.

You can take a warm shower, wear a comfortable and soft PJ, use some lavender oil on your head, under your feet and wrists, read a book. You can also have a cup of caffeine free tea, like chamomile, but if you drink it, try to drink 1 hour before, so you won’t feel going to the bathroom right before going to bed. And hey, no TV! ;)

2. Routine is the key

Besides the ritual to relax, sleeping at the same time helps your body understand it is time to calm down.

3. Meditate Ommm ZZZZ

Regular meditation helps you breath better and it is a stress relieve, which leads to a better sleep, less depression and insomnia.

It doesn’t matter when you meditate, morning, afternoon, evening. Just keep regular to improve your sleep and of course, your life.

4. Creating an environment

Have a good night’s sleep has to do with your room too. So no cluttering, no electronic on, nothing under you bed. Also, a good soft light helps creating the perfect sleep place. Soft and clean sheets, an awesome pillow and your favorite mattress can do wonders to your health too!

5. Move your body

One of the benefits of working out during the day is sleeping better and give you more extra energy during the day. But remember to not exercise close to go bed.

6. Focus on the present

Sometimes you can’t sleep because you keep thinking about what you have to do during the next day. Two thing you can do to help you clean your mind and focus on the present is to first, select your clothes for the next day and also everything you need, your bag, work stuff, lunch bag.

Also, write down on a paper or notebook what you need to do next day, getting rid of all the thoughts you have on the future and leaving them on paper. ;)

Extra tips:

Those 11 foods can help you sleep better, check them out:

1. Almonds

2. Salmon

3. Banana

4. Honey

5. Herbal tea

6. Whole grains

7. Cherry juice

8. Dark chocolate (mmmm)

9. Turkey

10. Kale

11. Walnuts

Nite, nite!

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