How to Eat More Vegetables - 10 Practical Tips

Vegetables are extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidants and we all should eat about 3-4 cups a day (preferably a variety of vegetables) to enhance health, fight diseases and even help with weight loss.

But just thinking about other options other than salads, many of us end up forgetting or even giving up and thus increasing the consumption of vegetables in their daily diet is difficult.

Here I got 10 tips to help you don’t get bothered thinking about how to eat more vegetables besides adding in your salad:

1. Add to your smoothies, juices and protein bowls

You can blend spinach, kale to your smoothie, juice and protein bowls and also, use frozen cauliflower instead of frozen bananas, for example. Here are some recipes.

2. Add to your omelets

Omelets are great source of protein and fat, and adding a vegetables like onion, spinach, asparagus and tomatoes for example, make them even better.

3. As wrap

Instead of bread, flour wraps or tortillas, you can use fresh lettuce and kale. Also, you can use mushrooms, like Portobella, to use as “bun”, filling with meat, cheese…mmmmm!

4. Soup

We cannot forget that we can make an enormous variety of soups using basically any kind of vegetables! Some recipes here!

5. Cauliflower can become everything

Besides using it in protein bowls, cauliflower is so versatile and can become pizza crust, rice, mac and cheese, mashed cauliflower, nuggets...

6. Noodle them

Zucchini, sweet potatoes and carrots are my favorite ones to create delicious and beautiful noodles! Just have to have a specific tool to make the work easier. You can also use zucchini and eggplant as a lasagna noodles! Easy-peasy.

7. Healthy chips

Instead of potatoes chips or any unhealthy chips, you make kale, carrots, zucchini, beets… chips in a couple of minutes just using a little bit of olive oil, sea salt and a HOT oven. Yummy!

8. Stuffed peppers

So easy and delicious (recipe here), they are also low carb!

9. Kebab

Another great recipe (here) that you can add up to 3 vegetables for example (i.e.: zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion, peppers…) and it is also low carb.

10. Veggie burger

Either you are vegetarian or not, veggies burgers are so delicious and healthy! Check out this recipe here.

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