Healthy Holidays Tips

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

It is not because is holidays season, that you need to eat like crazy. A recent study done by The New England Journal of Medicine said most people never lose the excess weight they gained during that time of year and this Is so scary since it is only one week, at most 2 weeks of parties. Therefore, you need to choose wisely what you are going to cook and/or eat during Christmas.

One tip is to always choose proteins that leave you more satisfied. The classic Christmas turkey, or even ham, chicken, fish are good options if you eat meat, otherwise you can have eggs, nuts, peas. Protein should be the greatest amount in your plate.

Vegetables and greens can be the same amount as proteins. In addition to important micro-nutrients, they have fiber that will also make you feel more satisfied. For seasoning, good fats like olive oil, pieces of avocado (yum), fatty cheeses.

Carbs should be the smallest portion of the plate. Rice, potato, sweet potato or quiche.

The same for the dessert. After all, you will have some of your family's favorite pie recipe. But choose only one and one portion.

To drink, water! Or unsweetened tea, iced or hot, and if you want to toast, a small glass of wine is more than enough. Choose wine because it has low glycemic index.

Also try to avoid gluten, by using gluten free flours or vegetables instead. Cook with good fat: ghee butter, butter, olive oil, coconut oil or lard. When buying poultry, meat or pork, go for the grass-fed and organic ones and no added hormones or antibiotics.

And if you are going to cook, there are also some recipes for you, on the related posts below!


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