Healthy Halloween

It’s Halloween. That moment we eat more candy and sweets than usual.

I mean, that moment the kids eat more candy than usual. But in times that we are already know sugar is addictive and a poison to our health, we need to rethink about our Halloween eating habit.

I am from Brazil and there we don’t have Halloween, but we have other celebration in October, Dia de São Cosme e Damião, which kids knock on doors to ask for candies and it is, basically, the same thing.

Shouldn’t parents, or in my case stepparents, let the kids eat sugar just because of the culture aspect? Or can we adapt to a new reality?

I am on the side of adapting to a new reality. The reality of diabetes type 2 increase, heart disease increase, obesity increase. Here I am going to share some tips on how to adapt this fun celebration to healthy one.

Limiting sugar

If your kids are doing trick or treat, it would be wise to limit the amount of candies. That means, really checking the amount collected during trick or treat and even selecting the “best” options (if it possible to that) among the crap they will get, right?

A deadline

Set up a deadline they can have candy (like 2 days after trick or treating) or even setting up one day of the weekend they can enjoy the candies, and after that, no more!

Nourishing the body

During Halloween week, increase the amount of natural sweet foods, like pumpkin, carrots and beets.

Also, encourage them to drink more water, having a bottle of water all the time with them.

Increase also the amount of lean protein and good fats, like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and nuts. These will help reducing the cravings and sugar crashing.

Halloween in the house

And if you are doing a Halloween party at home, go for healthy recipes, made with dates, stevia, honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup and healthy fats, healthy flours like almond four, coconut flour.

I dia a party in my house this last weekend and it was all gluten free, white sugar free and full of good fats and healthy ingredients! Some of things I prepare were:

Healthy truffles (recipes here), witch fingers made with coconut flour and berries sauce, bloody cake made with almond and rice flour and berries sauce, creepy teeth (recipe here) and marshmallow (I found a healthy version made of tapioca), pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips, popcorn with food coloring (natural one made with beets, turmeric…), banana covered with white chocolate as well as raspberries.

And for salty sides, hummus and carrots, guacamole and hot dog in a Brazilian style (made with onions, tomato and tomato sauce with organic garlic and apple sausage) with gluten free buns.

To drink, homemade ice tea with lemon and homemade ice hibiscus tea, no sugar!

And I will tell you something: kids loved and their parents too! 😉

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