Healthy and Happy Life - 5 Factors

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

A healthy and happy life is not that hard, it is a constantly practice, but should not be a struggle, but a good experience along your journey in life.

The 5 factors below are reachable for anyone, it does not matter the age, gender or moment in life. Just try!

1) Rest: An adult needs 6 to 8 hour of sleep every day. It is not only the quantity (that also depends on each individual) but the quality of your sleep.

For that, when reaching the time to go to bed, reserve at least 30 minutes for a quite moment. Lower the lights, play some soft and calm music, sip relaxing teas like chamomile, add some drops of lavender essential oil to your diffuser and/or to your wrists and ears.

2) Move and sweat: We all need to exercise. And when it comes to physical activity, don’t focus on losing weight, this will be an extra benefit, but more than that.

Exercising helps the heath of your heart, it is effective to anxiety and depression and to bring the feel-good feeling by raising your levels of endorphins.

3) Quite the mind: Through meditation, breathing techniques or simply being in the present moment.

Quite the mind and the avalanche of thoughts is important to your mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

4) Success: We all want to have the reward feeling. When we accomplish a professional or personal goal, private or for your family.

Be successful in the areas of your life you consider value for you.

5) Sense of community: We live in community. That does not mean you have to have a big group of friends or interact all the time but connect with people that make you feel part of a group, people who value and support you and vice-versa.