Healthy and Happy Life - 5 Factors That Make a Difference

A healthy and happy life is not that difficult, it is a constant exercise. It shouldn't be a struggle, but a good experience throughout your life journey.

The 5 factors for a healthier and happier life are accessible to anyone, regardless of age, gender or time of life, even for those with a busy schedule with no time for anything, not even for themselves.

Try implementing these 5 factors below every day!

1) Rest

An adult needs 6 to 8 hour of sleep every day. It is not only the quantity (that also depends on each individual) but the quality of your sleep.

For that, when reaching the time to go to bed, reserve at least 30 minutes for a quite moment.

Lower the lights, play some soft and calm music, sip relaxing teas like chamomile (just avoid close right before going to sleep that way you won't have to do trips to the bathroom), add some drops of lavender essential oil to your to your diffuser and/or on your wrists and behind your ears.

2) Move and sweat

We all need to exercise. And when it comes to physical activity, don’t focus only on losing weight, this will be an extra benefit, but more than that.

Exercising helps the heath of your heart, it is effective to anxiety and depression and to bring the feel-good feeling by raising your levels of endorphins.

Practice physical activity every day, preferably in the morning, avoiding going to sleep. It can be from a simple walk as going to a gym, practicing a sport, dancing. It is important to keep the body active. And it doesn't have to be much, 20 minutes a day already has an effect on your physical and mental health.

What about exercising at home with your partner? Watch this video I made with my husband.

3) Quite the mind

Through meditation, praying, breathing techniques or simply being in the present moment.

Quite the mind and the avalanche of thoughts is important to your mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

I always recommend trying guided meditations if you have no practice in meditating. Check my playlist of guided meditations here.

4) Success

We all want to have the reward feeling. That feeling of when we achieve a personal or professional goal for herself or her family.

Be successful in the areas of your life you consider value for you.

And how to apply this daily?

I like to set my goals a week in a notebook, because when you write instead of typing, you send a message to yourself of more commitment.

So every day during the week I dedicate some time to do something that can help me reach a certain weekly goal.

5) Sense of community

We live in community. That does not mean you have to have a big group of friends or interact all the time but connect with people that make you feel part of a group, people who value and support you and vice-versa is extremely important for a healthier and happier life.

Try to fit into your hectic routine sometime to say hello to a friend, check on how a relative or missing co-worker is doing. It is worth calling, sending a text message, e-mail, social media, letter... there is no excuse to communicate.

Final thoughts:

  • There are 5 factors that interfere in terms of a healthy and happy life.

  • These factors need to be incorporated into your daily life, as daily practices.

  • If practiced every day, the chances of you creating healthy habits are greater, for example, when you sleep better you feel with more vitality and end up eating better and creating other healthy habits.

  • Even with a busy schedule, you can certainly fit 1-2 hours of your day to dedicate yourself to your self-care.

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