Health Care and Preventative Care

This Friday is the deadline to enroll to the 2018 health care in US. Health care is a big and complicated issue in America. For me, as a foreigner in this amazing country is so difficult to understand the health care system, almost like a mystery and most of Americans also agree with that.

In Brazil, my native country, the system is easier to understand, but it is not a fair one. We do have public hospitals which can provide free services, but doctor and nurses are not well paid (or even not paid) and most of hospitals are lacking on basic materials and medications. So, who can pay a health insurance, has to pay a good amount of money to have a decent one.

If there is any good solution in the world? Oh yes, for sure! There are examples in France, New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Singapore…And what do they have in common? Health is measured by three key components by the Legatum Institute: a country's basic mental and physical health, health infrastructure, and the availability of preventative care and of course, all these elements depend on the economic situation as well as other political issues.

But if you are not in one of the countries listed as the 16 best health care system in the world, one of the components on the Legatum Institute list, the availability of preventative care, can be done by you, not depending to any health care system. How? Here is my checklist:

  • Eating healthy fresh, homemade and real food.

  • Eat as much as you can organic.

  • Drink plenty of filtered water.

  • Use food as medicine. Have a cold? Try ginger, lemon and honey tea first, instead of a pill.

  • Exercise your body daily, even a 20-minute walking is better than nothing.

  • Be more grateful! The act of being grateful helps preventing the creating of diseases.

  • Don’t smoke!

  • Learn ways to destress your body and mind, like meditation and breathing techiniques.

  • Do annual basic check-ups.

  • Don’t take medicine for everything you have or feel. Go natural as much as you can.

  • Learn how to listen to your body by journaling, for example and by doing some health coaching programs.

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