Get some sun every day

Oh summer time.... Time to run outdoors and enjoy the sunlight and why not, some sun tanning?

No problem at all with that! Because getting safe sun exposure allows your body to produce vitamin D which is great for your health in general and…your mood! Yes, sun makes us happier! But remember, if you use sunscreen, you are blocking the sun's rays, which means your body cannot produce any vitamin D. But what to do if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time? Here are some tips:

- Find a non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burning certain areas of your skin. Laboratory studies indicate that some chemical UV filters may mimic hormones and also can create some skin allergies. If you want to check a full updated 2017 list of worst sunscreens for your health and the good ones, go to EWG website.

- Find or make a shade to reduce the risk of burns.

- Get used of getting a little bit of sun on bare skin each day instead of spending hours outside on the weekends only.

- Wear a sunglasses to protect yourself from UV radiation.

- Make sure you're getting plenty of antioxidants in your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The carotenoid astaxanthin, found in salmon, krill, algae, red trout, shrimp, crab, and lobster, is particularly effective as an internal sunscreen to help protect you against UV damage. Also, the carotenoid, found in carrot, sweet potato, tomato and dark leafy greens help to promote a beautiful tanning.

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