Fat - 5 Fears

Fat!! When it comes to fat it seems like everyone wants to run away. Well, know that fat, just like any macro nutrient, is essential for our body and health. But just like carbohydrate and protein, if the choice of fat is wrong, then yes, it is bad for you. But with so much talk about the fat (good and evil), there are fears, is it good? Which one is good? Should I consume? So I gathered 5 fears about the fat that I get the most to get over this thought that fat is the product of evil.

1) "I am afraid of oil or anything made with oil/fat"

Fear or worry you must have with bad fat, one that has to undergo various processes to become a "final" product. For example, corn oil. Have you ever wondered how many grains of corn are needed to extract the oil? But olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil ... have much less processes to extract their oil because they are naturally oily foods. That is, healthier.

2) "If I eat fat, I will accumulate fat"

Oops, it has nothing to do with one another! The name is the same, but the meaning is not. In fact, we need fat to just feel satiety, to have a good evacuation and to give us more energy, which causes us to move more, that is, caloric burning.

3) "I only use Fat Free products to not gain weight"

Ohhh my...Have you ever stopped to think that usually in place of fat is added another ingredient to make the product tastier? Hmmm .... I'll give you a nut for the answer! Sugar! Yes, in most fat free products, they put sugar (or even artificial sweetener ... boo!) in order to have more flavor, because after all, food without the addition of a natural fat, is bland! So, run away from Fat Free products, which is a food industry marketing ruse that sold you the idea that you have to eat less fat and give you canola oil (noooo!) and margarine (what ???) instead.

4) "Animal fat does very bad to the health of the heart"

Again another fear invented by the evil food industry! And our grandmothers who made food with fresh pork lard? And that delicious butter? Egg?? Pity, every year it is a villain!! Animal fat does not hurt the heart and that's it! :) Now, we return to the question for balance and also, the question of listening to your body! What is good for you may not be for me. Try it and try it again what works best for you!

5) "Coconut oil is bad, I read in the newspaper"

I know, it's hard to understand nutrition. Nutrition is the most controversial science in the world. But one thing is certain. I will be repetitive, everything that has a help from the food industry, who wants to make you believe on their processed products (and here comes the vegetable oils, corn, soy, canola ...) it is necessary to distrust. Coconut oil is powerful and period. It's natural and you do not need to use a lot of it and so it lasts longer!

Bottom line: Good fat, it's very welcome !!

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