Do Something That Scares You!

A few months ago a dear friend, Luciana Stroot told me she had read something interesting in a book. It said to do something that scares you.

Do you know that old project that you don't put into action out of fear? Or perform in public? Or try something that you have always found very difficult, physically or mentally?

I loved this "theory" and decided to apply it to old fears that had rooted in me.

I started learning pole dance. Yes, that mix of dance and acrobatics on the pole with super female power.

And the fears were many: I don't have much flexibility (years of Jiu-Jitsu and weightlifting), no circus skills (I don't even know how to tumbling) and I still had the lack of "hip swing" issue, something that had been working at Zumba for some years now . But to bring all these elements together in one activity .... oh, how afraid I was!!

I took my first class 3 weeks ago and just LOVED it! Not only because it is so fun, but the feeling of overcoming (and still overcoming) all those fears is incredible.

Also, the meeting of different women, varied bodies and the support between them is wonderful. Especially from the dear instructor Megan Splichal from DID Fit studio.

What was fear became a challenge, which became ACHIEVEMENT!

Yesterday was my third class, where I got to be upside down (ahhhhh I never thought I could do it - Check my the video below). One more check on the list of challenges.

What a liberating feeling!

All this feeling overflows beyond class. It goes to life in general, strengthens us, fills us with vitality, renews us.

So what is the fear you want to overcome?

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