Detox Juice

When you look at it you might think, "well, it doesn't look good", but I am going to tell you, it is good, really good! ;)

This detox juice is also so easy to prepare but there some important tips to follow:

1. The quantity of each ingrediente is up to you. This recipe is for 1 gallon.

2. Prepare and drink right away. Don not storage after.

3. And you will need a juice processor machine.

Ready? Here it goes:


1 medium bag of carrots

5 Apples

2 Kales

1 big cucumber

Coconut water (around 30 oz)

How to make:

Start with the carrots, then juice the kale. After juice the apples and cucumber.

Finish with coconut water, by adding it in the machine to wash all the remaining juice from the fruits and vegetables

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