Dealing with Anger on Violent Times

Anger. That destructive feeling that can not only ruin other people’s life that surround you but also, yours. When angry is used in small portions can be beneficial. How? To make us move forward, fight for justice, for what we need. But when anger is over the limit of ourselves it become dangerous, unhealthy and unrealistic. Dangerous and unhealthy because it can literally make you sick, and once you are sick, how are you going to help someone else or fight for what you want? Also, anger can become unrealistic, because you think your anger will change other or change a situation, and I am sorry, it won’t. I have been there, I have experienced that before and I am telling you, it simple does not work and turns against you.

In moments of violence and injustice, it is natural to feel angry, but knowing how deal with it properly it will not only help yourself but also, it will reflect on others close to you. To easy this bad feeling, first, understand that your anger is talking about you. That means it does not help trying to understand the outside, your anger is coming from inside of you. By looking deep inside of you, you will realize that anger is not part of yourself and if it is not part of your true self, should not be inside of you. Only by going deep inside of your SELF and seeing that little anger seed trying to grow and you can pull it out of you, you can definitely contribute to the end of violence.

To go deep inside of you can create whatever kind of practice, like, light up a candle and meditate for a couple minutes, or at least do some breathing techniques. This will help you calm your mind. The candle can be used to set up a moment to go on meditation or even, to focus on the flame. After that, ask yourself “Why I let the seed of anger grow inside of me?” and let the answer come to your mind. Then use some journaling to write down whatever it comes to your mind. This will help get this anger out of you and calm yourself to be able to help others in a more peaceful and productive way.

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