Dealing with Acne Naturally

I’m going to share you something, I know A LOT what is to have acne, the so-called pimples.

My history of acne started when I was teenager and around my 16s got worse, pretty bad. It was the time I went to US first time as an exchange student. And since I was really interested in nutrition and I knew the American diet wasn’t not that great, I created my own diet based on books and articles in magazines I read (yes, no internet that time). I got really good results and they almost disappeared (had them once in a while) until I was around my 30s.

But during that time I also tried birth control, antibiotic and tons of creams full os chemicals. My nutrition was good, but I was so “naive” when it comes to medicines.

Then around my 33 years old, I started having cystic acne, bad, bad ones!! Nodulocystic acne is an intense form of acne that results in large, inflamed cysts and they are so painful. And that why I decided to take Accutane. Yes, I did! My skin got clean, beautiful. But guess what? All these medicines in my body gave me digestion issues and inflammation. Not good, not good! And I was lucky, Acccutane has really bad side effects.

Nowadays, I’m 41 years olds, 2 years without taking meds and healing my gut every single day, I still have some pimple here and there, but I’ve learned some lessons and some tips on how to treat acne in a natural and efficient way. If you suffer with acne, here are some:

1. Don’t pop them. This is something at least I have never done. But, I know it is a common . trend between acne prone skin individuals. So please, don’t do it!

2. Listen to your body. This is my mantra (my clients would say now “yes”). I’ve learned that if I eat cheese more than supposed to, I get pimples. As well as peanuts! Also, I know I get pimples a week before my menstrual cycle and then I just don’t not freak out about it.

3. Clean your skin. It seems obvious, but in a world with 10.000 acne options and miracle creams, it seems almost impossible to find the best (and healthy) skin regimen. Well, go simple. You will need to wash your face, use a toner and a specific cream to hydrate and cool down your acne skin. I recently (very recently) found this brand TreeActiv and I am so in love about them. And no, not receive any penny to review them! Just really impressed with the products! I bough the toner, the cream and cystic acne cream. Love! All natural and really efficient! Check all the products here.

4. Clean everything! Yes, your towels and sheets need to be cleaned to avoid the bacteria spread. Use unscented laundry detergent to avoid irritation.

5. When it comes to food, you already know, right? Avoid processed food, fast-food, dairy, sugar and any other food you are noticed that irritates your skin (I like I mentioned in my case on tip #2).

6. Eat real food! Probiotics, fiber-rich food, good protein, drink plenty of clean water!

7. Supplements? Oh yes! Favorites for your skin: zinc, vitamin A, omega-3, probiotics, vitex (for women). Consult your functional doctor/nutricionist.

8. And also, enjoy your life! Have fun! Exercise, rest, meditate, love yourself and be grateful! These attitudes make wonders to your skin and health!

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