Clean Beauty Care

When deciding to have a healthy life one of the first steps to take is eating clean. After that, you start to realize that not only food can change your health, but also everything we put in our bodies, through mouth but also on our skin!

Skin is our body's largest and fastest-growing organ. It protects you but also and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. That means, good thing or bad things, like toxins. Being aware of that, the second step to have a healthier life is to choose good cosmetics. Specially brands who care about choosing clean ingredients and respecting the environment.

I know this is a tough task, because there are many options of shampoos, creams, lotions available and suddenly when you face this new lifestyle, it is hard to find out the good brands and their products, specially because most of them are small business comparing to big companies, making them hard to find.

Nowadays, I like to make some of my cosmetics but also, I love researching about new products and beauty brands (especially local ones) and I understand how hard it is to read the ingredients and check if the brand is reliable. That’s the reason I decided to write this post. Here I selected some of my favorite cosmetic clean products and some tips on how to identify the good ones.


1. First of all, check out this website Safe Cosmetics. There you will find a list of ingredients/chemicals you have to avoid in cosmetics.

2. Besides that, read all the ingredients on the label, check for if they are organic and if they have other important labels like cruelty free, vegan...

3. Test them! The product ingredients list and labels could be perfect, but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it!

My favorites:

ClarpHx Shampoo by All Nutrient

100% vegan. Sulfate-free. Amine-free. DEA-free. MEA-free. Betaine-free. Paraben-free. Gluten-free. Cruelty-free.

I love this shampoo to get rid of the residues in your hair. It leaves the hair so clean and light.

Purifying facial cleanser by Giovanni Eco Skin Care

100% vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing. Organic. No parabens or lauryl or laureth sulfate.

Great cleanser for oily skin, I use it every day.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original

100% pure argan oil

I have been using it for years and besides the amazing scent, it is so powerful for hair and also for skin!

Tea Tree Body Care by Nature’s Gate

Vegan. Non GMO. Cruelty free. Water Aid label. Phthalate free.

A light and fresh lotion for the whole body. I love the texture and it is not oily.

Lavender Body Butter, Face Scrub, Mature/Wrinkle Cream by LovURCoconuts Skin Care

This local skin care brand is one of my findings in Indy area (where I live) and for sure one of my favorites! Besides being our friends and collabs with me at different events (they will be with me next September 5th at Roc & Row Festival, LovURCoconuts Skin Care is coconut oil based products and their vast products line is amazing!

The ingredients are simple like coconut oil, almond oil, bee wax and other natural ones. And what I love about them are the results!

Multi-mineral BB cream and Devocean lipstick by Pacifica

100% vegan and cruelty free.

I recently started to use this brand and I am completely in love by this 2 products! The BB cream is so light and covers the skin perfectly. The lipstick is creamy and the color beautiful.

Crystal Body Deodorant

Chemical-free. No aluminum chlorohydrate. No parabens. Phthalate free. Cruelty free.

Another product I started using recently and besides being chemical-free, it was the only deodorant I thought it is really efficient for odor!

Make-up removal by Neutrogena Naturals

97% naturally derived formula. Free of harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes and phthalates.

The only product from a big company, the natural division of Neutrogena was kind of surprise. This product is awesome!

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