Cellulite Ultimate Treatment – Follow Up

Like I promised on the this post here, here it goes a follow up of this treatment I decided to try for 20 days. Read more about this project here.

Well, 7 days later I can say that treating cellulite is not easy. As I mentioned before, I started having cellulite later in life, so I took a while to really worried about it and now it seems almost impossible to get rid of it! :(

Today I want to share some nutrition tips I selected for this treatment and some notes on how I’m using them in my diet and how I can improve some.

1. Water: Drink plenty of water per day helps the body flush and detoxify.

Note: I always drink water, a lot! So, this one isn’t that new for me, but I am trying to pay more attention anyway and also, I recently started drinking more quality water, so that counts too! ;)

2. Lemon: It has the power to lower the impact of carbohydrates on your body, which are quickly digested in our system and converted into sugar, affecting the insulin levels. Lemon can also clean out your liver, which can lower your estrogen levels.

Note: The same thing as the water, I have been drinking warm water with lemon for almost 7 years early in the morning. So I kept doing.

3. Chicken Breast: Perfect for balancing your insulin levels and also chicken helps you feel full for a longer period by slowing down digestion. This process of slowing the digestion helps the release of insulin, keeping your sugar levels balanced. Insulin levels is a major influence on the development and appearance of cellulite.

Note: I include chicken breast at least 2 times a week and I will increase the quantity to try to help me with that treatment.

4. Omega 3: It can fight the estrogen you get through your daily diet. Get here.

Note: Also, I take omega 3 supplements for about 3 years. I will continue doing so.

5. Green Tea: It contains awesome antioxidants which can help keep your body healthy, preventing cellulite before it starts. Also, it can raise your metabolism, reducing fat stores. Get here.

Note: I always drink it during my day. I will keep on doing it!

6. Garlic: It is great at reducing your insulin levels. Raw is even better!

Note: I use garlic every day in my meals, but it is most of the time cooked. The only way I eat them raw it is by making my favorite salad dressing. Garlic + olive oil + vinegar + any seasoning you like and done!

7. Whole Grains: Another food that can balance your insulin levels by slowing the release of sugars. They are also rich in fiber, which will keep you full for longer.

Note: It is part of my diet already. Yes!

8. Nuts: They can balance out estrogen levels.

Note: I haven’t been eating that much. I had to increase the amount.

9. Foods High in Water: To keep cellulite away, hydration is a key point. Besides water, consume foods high in water content is really important. Cucumbers are one of them, as watermelon, broccoli, tomato, lettuce and cabbage. Like the garlic, it is better having them raw.

Note: I usually have those foods in my diet, but broccoli I just can’t have raw. :)

10. Avocado: Also great at balancing insulin levels, this amazing food has potassium and folate and it is an amazing source of fat and fiber.

Note: I do eat, but sometimes I kind of forget to add every week. I am increasing it.

11. Collagen: It helps strengthen connective tissue. Get here with 15% off using the code RITAA15.

Note: This is one thing that I don’t use consume. Definitely I will try as a supplement.

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