Burning Fat with Samba

It's Carnaval time in Brazil!!

Time to have fun, to celebrate, dance for 5 days in a row and sweat, sweat, sweat.

Yes, we Brazilians love to celebrate and we are good on that. But living in US I always miss the Carnaval season. However this last Saturday I went to a Brazilian party here in Indianapolis with live band playing samba (actually all the musicians were Americans students who learned how to play samba like a pro. Loved it!

(this is me after the party)

After 4 hours I was soooo sweaty and full of energy that I thought. I really have to share that with you, a non-Brazilian or anyone who never experienced a Brazilian Carnaval vibe.

Samba is hard. I know! Even for me, who took a while to get how to coordinate the feet movements. Seriously!

So, to help you out, I selected some videos on YouTube to first, understand how the balance between your feet and hips go and then, risk a little bit on trying and as result, have some fun and burn calories girl!!

I have to tell you: It was kind of hard finding good videos!! But here they are. Have fun!

1) This is one is for beginners. Until 9 minutes you will be learning the steps slowly and then you can advance.

PS.: When he says "esquerda" means "left and "direita" means "right". ;)

2) Another with a real samba queen (how we call those GORGEOUS ladies). Shorter than the other, but with cool tricks. Again, for beginners.

3 and 4) OKAY, now you are a professional samba queen (I hope lol) and you can try these 2 choreographies which are more like a fit-samba kind like Zumba. But still, you will make the fat cry or samba! ;)

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