Be Grateful!

Having gratitude for all the good and positive things that happens in life, even if in some troubled times it is difficult to feel gratitude, being thankful helps us to stay focused on what we have and not in what we do not have.

Even in some punk rock periods of your life, if you can look at all thing you could be grateful for, you will see how sometimes life has its awkward moments, but everything passes.

A positive look through gratitude is the best way to recognize its transformative potential, the love that you give and receive and how life can be made of ups and downs, but we can choose to look at the bright side and learn from negative.

Also, be grateful is to recognize the other. Have you already thanked a friend who helped you at some point? Have you already hugged a relative who gave you support? Do it! ;)

An interesting exercise to do once a week (how about Monday?) to help you rescue this gratitude within you is:

1. Write everything you are grateful for: love, relationships, your health, your achievements, etc.

2. Next week, look at this list and add new gratitude.

3. Keep this paper in a special place.

Thanks! :)

#gratitude #mentalhealth #empowerment #mindset

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