Amazon Prime Day - My Favorite Healthy Products

It is Amazon Prime Day!! What that means??

Amazing discounts and special prices for 48 hours only! To help you out, I selected my 10 favorite healthy products at Amazon and I am sharing with you here.

I only share what I trust and use. Clean ingredients, amazing formulas and blends and efficient results are my favorite things when it comes to the health and wellness products.

Check them out here:

Stress-Defy by Irwin Naturals, Balanced Relaxed Calm, Stressful Day Neutralizer

Loved this formula to manage stress, besides a healthy diet, meditation and other tools.

Contains Rhodiola and Gaba, amazing ingredients to help calm down.

Triple-Diet Max Accelerator by Irwin Naturals, Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management

What I love about this formula is that is stimulant free and contains clean ingredients. Amazing!

Natural Factors, (2 Pack) WomenSense, RxOmega-3

We all need to supplement Omega-3. This formula is great for women because besides fish oil, it contains primrose and flaxseed oil to help balance hormones and great for a radiant skin.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein, Pure – Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Paleo Friendly

My favorite protein ever, super clean. I like to buy the pure one, it is easy to blend for smoothies, bowls and use also in soups, coffee and hot chocolate.

Pukka Detox, Organic Herbal Tea with Aniseed, Fennel & Cardamom

This brand is so amazing and has creative blends. This is one is my favorite, it has aniseed, fennel, cardamom, coriander, licorice and celery seed.

TreeActive Acne Treatment

I couldn't believe when I found this brand. They are not only clean, but soooo efficient. You can read more about my journey dealing with acne here.

Silver Colloidal

I just can't live without silver colloidal. I use for basically all infections I have and more powerful than antibiotics, and of course, less harmful to your health. The one on the link above is a high potency (500 ppm), but you can find other here. And you can read more about Silver Colloidal here.

Dry Brushing Kit

The dry brushing technique is something I am always talking about it and it is part of my detox regimen. Learn more on this post here.

Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil by Earth's Nectar

Oh my God! This oil makes wonders to my (oily) hair! It is just unbelievable. And it is clean!!

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater | 100% Pure Vegan, Alcohol Free| Facial Toner & Moisturizer

Love, love, love this product! I use as facial moisturizer, on my body, on the air to clean the energy....simply amazing!!

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