A new year, new opportunities!

Every end of year I like to make a balance of the year that is ending and think about all the good things that happened, to understand what was not so good to also analyze and improve myself for the next year, changing the strategies, thoughts and actions.

I end this year with the certainty that I helped more than 100 people (and this number multiplies from the moment the person who was helped also helps a friend, a partner, some relative) through the customized 6-month health coaching programs, 3-month specific programs for endometriosis, women over 30 years and also the 10-day detox program, the 10-Day Detox challenge. There were clients here in the USA, Brazil and Canada who have undergone profound changes in search of a healthier life, both physically and mentally. Many of these transformative stories you can read here. In addition, I could reach and help in more people in some way through my social medias, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and through my segment in the daily news TV show Jornal na TV, in the Brazilian TV channel in US, RIT TV.

I also end this year with more knowledge in the areas of healing through changes in mental patterns (thanks to School of Metaphysics in Indianapolis) hormonal balance and I am more and more involved and interested in eliminating the maximum of chemicals in my daily life as well as the total elimination of the contraceptive pill from my life, an attitude that I encourage all my clients to try out.

Now, thinking about the next challenges and new goals for next year, in addition to listing your resolutions and plans, what about doing a great exercise to organize ideas and mind?

There are 15 questions that you should answer on a paper, computer or mobile phone that will help you reflect on what you want out of life in 2017. Ready? So here we go:

In 2017 I go to:


Start: ____________

Visit: _____________

Accept: _____________

Honor: _____________

Make: _____________

See: _____________

Learn: _____________

Give: _____________

Eat: _____________

Have: _____________

Be: _____________

Act: _____________

Grow: _____________


Tell me later what it was like to make that mental balance and enter the year of 2017 more focused!

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