A new vision of medicine

I am not here to say what is right or wrong. I am not here to say to you to do what I do. I am here to show you there are other possibilities to heal.

Conventional medicine is important. It has its value, for sure. I am not saying the opposite. But, think about it. You go to a doctor, complain about something you have, for example, a pain, a headache. And then less than half hour (sometimes even less) you leave the office with a prescription. You go to the next drugstore and you buy the prescription. You start taking this pill prescribed for your headache and you are relieved from your pain. Months or years later you start having a stomachache and then you go to another doctor, complain, prescription, pill, relieved. The cycle again and again and again. But you still eat bad. You don’t exercise, you smoke, you are stressed out and/or you are working with something you hate or living a life you didn’t want to. What happened with the opportunity you had to understand the root cause of your headache years ago? Now you developed an IBS, but how? By masking the pain, masking the root cause. All that because you were afraid of something bad might happen to you. “If you don’t take this pill”, “if you don’t take this antibiotic”, you will die. This is not medicine, this is fear.

Alternative medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine or any other name you want to use to describe this “new” medicine that look as a whole (physical, mental and spiritual bodies) understands that your body (the combination of the 3 ones) is your temple, it is smart and you have the power to heal yourself through real food, a non-toxic lifestyle, exercising, stress management, essential oils, supplements, meditation, yoga and other techniques or therapies to help you heal naturally and see you as a whole, not only a body with a headache.

Don’t get me wrong, I know conventional medicine can save lives. Traumas and emergencies are life threaten and in a moment like a car accident, internal bleeding, heart attack for example, you are not going to treat with lavender essential oil and meditation. But when it comes to your body giving you signs that there is something wrong, think yourself as a whole, always! And find someone who can see you as whole too, you will change your perspectives.

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