8 attitudes to be healthier!

Let’s face it, we all know how to be healthier. The "rules" of a life with more quality are always the same, but be aware and follow them is what much of the world's population does not do. So it is not worth remembering! ;)

Here they are:

1. Open mind for change

Are you in love about fast food? Can never stop eating French fries all day? If you say you do not care, then it’s so complicated. Be open-minded to fresh ideas and new paths to make life healthier.

2. Drink water

We always need to hydrate our forever. This helps transport nutrients in the body, facilitates digestion, reduces swelling and so on. 12 glasses of water (which can also come from natural juices, fruits and vegetables) is the ideal! Always have a water bottle near you!

3. Eat well and less

It seems obvious, but still a lot of people eat bad, very bad and a lot. However, how can we eat well? Here it goes, every day you should eat: whole grains, assorted vegetables (large amount), fruit (less amount), protein (less animal dairy products are always better) and good fat (coconut oil, olive oil). And yes, eat smaller portions. The older we get, the less we have to eat! ;)

4. Move your body

Choose a physical activity you like and do at least 3 times a week. You don’t like anything? At least walk!

5. Manage stress

This part is an area that it’s always complicated to me that even being super healthy, I have my inner judgments that generate stress, messing up my whole body. One way to manage the stress is to do therapy, meditation and find activities that relax you.

6. Create true relationships

Find someone to love and be loved. Family, friends or romantic relationships. Create true relationships comforts and brings happiness.

7. Forget the cigarette

Do not smoke! Simple like that! ;)

8. Love yourself!

Of course, never forget to love yourself. If you don’t create a good relationship with yourself and you never allow yourself to change.

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