7 Tips to Boost Your Energy!

"Where is my coffee??"

If this is your daily saying, know you are not alone. According to a National Safety Council survey-based report, almost half of Americans (43%) do not get enough sleep to safely perform at work.

"But I sleep well and still feel sleepy during the day". Well, fatigue can happen due to a number of factors, that is why it is worth to remember some amazing tips to bring your energy back. Read carefully and start applying them now!

1. Sleep

Each person has their daily quota of sleep. In my case, for example, I need to sleep eight hours per day. Less than that I get confused and tired. Discover your sleep quota and try to sleep the hours you need. And if you still feel sleepy take a nap of no more than 20 minutes in the afternoon. And remember, go to bed and wake up the same hour every day.

2. Coffee

The more coffee you take, the more rebound effect you will have! Swap coffee for green tea. In addition, it’s healthier and it gives you energy without make you tired after.

3. Eat clean

Eating heavy foods gives a terrible drowsiness, because your body needs to work harder to make digestion. In addition, sugar also has rebound effect, it gives you energy in time and knocks you back. Avoid during the day to the fullest! And keeping a balanced diet provides sufficient nutrients to say no to tiredness.

4. Hydrates up

Did you know that fatigue can be a sign of dehydration? Ensure the hydration of the body having a bottle of water always around.

5. Take short breaks

During the day, you are so concentrated working and you think you cannot stop? Yeah, but the breaks are fundamental to make the body stay alert. Stand up, walk a few minutes, prepare a tea, do something quite different, stretches up, breathe!

6. Work out

Working out regularly helps keep the energy high.

7. Music

If you feel you will be tired, put some music you enjoy and makes you feel like dancing.

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