40 reasons to be happy!

Today I woke up with 40 years old. I did not wake up faintly with my 20 years old full of anxieties and plans. I did not wake up in my 30s and the despair of the biological clock ticking or the professional side calling for resolution. I woke up at 40 years old. 40 years of wisdom, but at the same time, only 40 years of wisdom. Many have asked me, so, what is it like to be 40 years old? And the weight of age? What about health? And the energy? Well, the answer is only one: there is still a lot, but a lot of road ahead. "The 40s are the new 30s," they'll say. But I do not feel that is the case. The case for me is simple. There is still a world of things to explore. A vast world of knowledge to be acquired. Much to be felt, learned, overcome. How do you think we stopped here? IMPOSSIBLE!

Still doubt? Just think of the wonderful people who have restarted their lives or just started something new later in life. As a cousin of mine said yesterday, the problem isn’t aging, it's stopping aging! And we are getting old healthy, with new desires, new plans and being grateful for every little achievement of each day, for waking up and being alive! Yay!

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