Supplements: to take or not to take them?

There’s still a lot of questions and controversy over the efficacy of supplements and even if we need them. At the same time, there are enough evidences supporting the case that vitamin supplementation helps in nutrient absorption, prevents chronic disease, and can contribute to an increased lifespan.

Well, this could be an endless debate. But if people aren’t getting enough nutrition from their daily diet, because of some specific conditions – like celiac for example – an extra support with vitamin supplementation is necessary. Also, there are some vitamins, like vitamin D3, in which it is hard to get from nature only. And there is also the environment condition nowadays, for example, the mercury found in fishes, making more difficult to eat a clean fish where you can get a good source of omega-3.

How to know if supplements are necessary for?

Some symptoms can indicate a need of vitamins supplementation, such as:

• Diagnosable disease or condition that puts your system at a disadvantage

• Thyroid condition

• Digestive issues

• Long-term vegan with low energy

• Chronic fatigue

• Brain fog or hair loss

• High-stress lifestyle

• Inflammatory related-illness

All these conditions or diseases require a doctor, nutritionist or specialist to help you.

What it is important here is: listen to your body and understand what kind of extra support you might need and what you can just get from your diet. Improve your food intake, because there is no magic pill. And forget about multi-vitamins, they are completely waste of money!

Important: beta-carotene and vitamin E in standard doses, and vitamin A in high doses, may increase illness and decrease life expectancy. Be aware when you have to take them or think you need to take them.

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