Your mood x Your gut health

We know that our mood can be affected by the environment, how your sleep, chemical imbalances and other factors. But, have you ever thought about how much your mood can be influenced by your gut?

Considered as your second brain, your gut plays a big role when it comes to your emotions. But why? Our gut holds around 100 trillion microbes, which can help your metabolism, digestion, produce vitamins, fight infection and, guess what? These 100 trillion microbes are also responsible to produce neurochemicals which can influence your brain function and therefore, your mood, leaving more anxious or depressed.

The answer for that? Lifestyle! Small changes in your daily routine can play a huge difference in your gut health and then, change your mood for good. Here are some examples:

Stress management

Stress plays is the root cause of many diseases, as well as your gut health. It is so strong that stress can really change the gut balance of bacteria. To de-stress, find activities that can relax your mind like meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, walking in the nature, walking barefoot, therapy, reading and writing about your emotions and challenges.


Eat real food. Go away from processed food as much as you can. Look for organic and nourish your body with whole food and fermented food. Include: broccoli, greens, garlic, pickles, asparagus, turmeric and sauerkraut.

Consider taking probiotics

Probiotics, or the good bacteria, help you to strengthen the immune system, boost your digestion and mood. Probiotic supplement can be taken to help decrease the “bad” bacteria and balance your gut.

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