Love Yourself!

On this Valentine's Day, I would like to draw attention not only the love you fell for your significant one, but also the importance of loving yourself first.

Loving yourself brings not only great benefits for you, like high self-esteem, confidence, but also, love you yourself can help you to find your dream partner, the person you could have an amazing and healthy relationship.

It is all related to energy we vibrate. When we love ourselves, we vibrate love. And also, we vibrate what we want from a relationship. Have you ever thought that bad relationships not only drain the energy of the relationship itself but also drains your energy, leaving you empty, with low self-esteem and the worst part, making you not taking care of yourself properly.

But, how to start loving yourself more and more? Here they are few steps that will help you find this endless inner love:

  1. Find your strengths: look to what you have as quality, what you do best, what your powers are. Pay attention to them, be proud of them. And yes, everyone has strengths.

  2. Look yourself on the mirror every day: find one part, or two parts, of your body that you love on yourself. Complement it every day.

  3. Eat clean: find a diet that fit your kind of body. Eat real food. Drink tons of water every day!

  4. Do what you love: this is not only about work, but also activities that make you happy. Listen to good music. Watch a movie that makes you happy. Read something nice. Learn new things.

Happy valentine's love day!

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