Endometriosis doesn’t belong to me – Part 2

Hello back girls!

As I promised on my first post on my private research about natural endometriosis treatment, I am writing again my journey in this mystery world of endometriosis and its alternative treatment.

First of all, I thought I was going to write about it every week, but right after my first post about it, I went on vacation for almost a month and I of course continued doing my research but I didn’t have time to write. Now, after more than 30 days I have some great content to share with my endo friends. ;)

Stoping the birth control x The pain

To refresh your memory, I decided to stop with my hormone/birth control treatment for endometriosis (you can read it more here on my first post) and I knew that the pain would come but I was ready to go through that and of course, I got a backup, it was one pack of my birth control with me if the pain were unbearable.

And yes, I was right, the pain came after 4 weeks I stopped the birth control and it was really hard, almost unbearable. When it started, I felt almost every day and I managed with warm pad, essential oils (specially peppermint), ginger, lemon and honey natural tea and sometimes I had to take Ibuprofen.

Actually I had just one day that was so painful that I thought I was going to faint. It lasted 15 minutes, until I used the peppermint and in this case ibuprofen.

The bleeding

After this huge pain, it took like 3 days to have my period back. Just you to know, I don’t have my period for about 4 years because of the birth control I had to take with no pause. Bleeding was kind of weird, but also so liberator. When I started bleeding, my pain was gone completely, so I had the feeling that the pain was when I was ovulating, especially because I felt a different secretion coming out that I didn’t remember about this feeling anymore. As a result, I felt more powerful, feminine and sexy! ;)

The tools

During these last 24 days I started using essential oils, reducing gluten intake as much as possible, also lactose (but I was already in a lactose free diet for a long time), I started taking special supplements to help with the treatment, using progesterone cream and also I started doing Maya massage which helps manage the pain, the symptoms and helps women with fertility problems. To help you out, I will list everything I am using at this moment:

1. Essential oils (everyday, 2 x a day):

Peppermint (2 to 3 drops on my stomach) - for pain

Lavender (2 to 3 drops on my neck and my wrists) – for pain and to relax

Clary sage (2 to 3 drops on my stomach) – to help balancing hormones naturally and to reduce pain.

Castor oil (packs for 3 days in a row and the stop for 3 days. To make the pack you have to use a piece of cloth or a small towel and add enough oil on it and place on your lower abdomen or pelvic area with a warm pad for 20 minutes) - to boost immune function and soothe digestion and also to reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Diet:

No, no:

- Avoid gluten and lactose.

- Avoid eggs.

- Cut sugar, processed food, soy and trans fat.

- Avoid too much red meat, alcohol and caffeine.

Yes, yes:

- Green leafy vegetables.

- Bone broth.

- Beets.

- Coconut oil.

- Chia seeds.

- Flax seeds.

- Turmeric.

- Ginger.

3. Supplementation:

Besides the “basic” supplementation of vitamin D, B12 and omega-3, I started using:

- Turmeric: to reduce the inflammation

- Vitex (chasteberry): to balance progesterone/estrogen ratios.

- Milk Thistle: supports liver detoxification which can naturally balance hormones.

- Progesterone cream: low progesterone often contributes to endometriosis. You have to use in the different areas in your body every day to avoid saturation. More information you can find here.

- Maca root: To encourage progesterone production.

4. Maya Massage:

This amazing massage created by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, N.D helps not only the pain and the symptoms, but also improves the digestion and the fertility. More information you can find here. And a good thing about is that you can apply it by yourself, after learning with the specialist.

Well, that's all for now! I guess it is a lot of information to process, right? ;) I am still researching about a doctor who can treat endometriosis with vitamin D, but until then, I will keep on doing with these tools and life style changes. Also I will keep on posting about any news or results on my private research. Thanks!!

PS.: And another great source of information is the website of Dr. Josh Axe , full of great information on endometriosis.

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