Endometriosis doesn’t belong to me – Part 1

First of all, for those not familiar with Endometriosis, it is a disease characterized by the presence of endometrial fragments out of its normal location. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus which is a thin layer of tissue that lines the pelvic structures, the bowel, the bladder and the ovaries. When this happens, women can have not only strong cramps, but can also impact her social, career, family and even sex life, because of the pain and other complications.

Why approximately 5 million women in the United States have this disease is still a mystery. There are some theories out there. I already heard that could be cause because women are postponing pregnancy, because of pollution, food, emotional issues, traumas, parasite problem and even the use of tampons (!). But for real, nobody knows for sure. And the same thing lies to the treatment. It is said there is no cure for endometriosis and you will need to take meds for the rest of your life. In this case, meds are birth control / hormones and that is where I began my history with endometriosis.

The idea with this private research, that means I am doing this research with my body, is to heal my endometriosis as natural as possible and it is not an official treatment. I am not a doctor, a nurse or a scientist, but I am a woman with this “weird” disease and also a tired woman who does not want to accept that there is only one option to treat it. Specially because of this treatment with hormones I don’t have my period for about 3 years (I found out about my endo 4 years ago) and there is nothing natural about it, right?

So, like I said., this is a research I decided to do for myself and it is not an official treatment and everyone is welcome to share ideas and suggestions of how to treat (and heal) endometriosis in a natural way.

Here on my blog I will try to post every week or even once a month, all my experience with that journey. Actually I have already started this journey a month ago, when I decided to go deeper in the endo diet, essential oils, supplements and finally, be brave to stop my hormone treatment, which was with Allurene (name in Brasil) or Visanne (name in Europe) by Bayer and not allowed in US yet. This one was the latest treatment for endometriosis (I was using for about 2 years), which of course, reduced my pain to zero (in 3 months) but well, I started having some side effects recently (about a year) that scared me, like high blood pressure.

This was a big step for me and actually, I do not recommend doing without a doctor, but I was fed up with that and no doctor could help at this moment and I really believe I am on right track to fight this disease! ;)

Today I will end the post here and I will let for the next ones more information about diet, supplements, essential oils, Maya massage and so on. Stay tune and please, share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions! Thanks!!

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