Clean Your Closet, Clean Your Emotions!

Unlike other people, I just love to clean and organize my closet. For me it is so such a pleasure moment that brings me peace, mental organization and also, I could donate clothes I don’t wear anymore to people that might need them.

But did you know that getting rid of your closet clutter and donate what you don’t wear anymore is something really positive and affects your life in different levels? This is what the Feng Shui technique believes. It is said that closets are connected to feelings about ourselves and self-esteem. So, cleaning the mess you are also cleaning yourself deep inside. Cleaning negative emotions, bad thoughts, all the mental clutter. I guess it is one of reasons I always clean my closet in the end of year! ;)

Well, to help you out with this physical and emotionally mission I putted together some handful tips on how to start and finally, finish with your closet cleaning. Here they are:

1. Start selecting what you don’t wear or you never wore before (right???). The clothes/accessories/shoes you don’t wear for a long time, you have to be brave enough to ask yourself what is holding back to keep them in your closet. Is that any emotional attachment to them? Why? Find out the reasons and figure it out that hold them in your closet you are holding yourself to the past or something that you can’t and don’t want to be free of. Yes, you can do it!

2. After making this pile of DONATION (YES YOU CAN DO IT – PART 2), you can make a pile of items to fix and tailoring. Worse than having clothes you don’t wear is to have clothes with bottoms missing or torn in your closet. These problems don’t help your energy at all!! Make this pile and of course fix them right away. Otherwise, send to a recycle bin or any place that receives this kind of items to recycle.

3. After getting these 2 piles ready, look carefully of what is left. Separate each item by category – pants with pants, jeans with jeans, blouse with blouse and so on. Then organize them by color. All this helps you to find what you want to wear in a faster and efficient way. Also, it helps organizing your mind. ;)

4. Before putting all the items back, don’t forget to clean your closet. That means, with you have shelves and drawers, you can spray a mixture of baking soda, water and lemon essential oil and clean with a soft cloth. You can also vacuum your closet or sweep. You can also spray a mixture of water and lemon essential oil inside of it.

5. Don’t forget to organize your socks, underwear and bikinis in a way you can find them better. I like to use small fabric bags for each category. But you can also use drawers and boxes.

Done! Yes, you did it! I told you could do it, right? ;)! Be proud of yourlself, tap on your back. You are clean and organized!

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