INN Conference: What is new and good!

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (INN) conference in New York. Being an INN health coach is such a privilege, because we learn from the best health and wellness mentors we can have and also we can share knowledge and love with open-minded people from across US and also from all over the world.

nd talking about knowledge, I took notes of 6 points that caught my attention during these 2 days of conference in the big apple and I would like to share with you! Here they are:

1. Processed food is evil

In nutrition there are some contradictories theories, but one information is so clear and no one can discuss about it! Processed food is evil.

With no enough fiber, micronutrients and omega-3 and packed with trans-fats, additives, emulsifiers, branched chain amino acids, omega-6 fatty acids, salt, nitrates and of course, lots of sugar, processed foods are killing us each year. Right after world war 2, when companies started trying to reduce their cost to increase their profits, processed foods are becoming more attractive and addictive, especially with the use of sugar. Their consumption is related to cancer, inflammation, diabetes, heart diseases and so on.

2. Being healthy is kind of simple

To have a healthy life we don’t need to look for miracles products or expensive treatments. It is basically eating good food (organic, fresh and anti-inflammatory diet), be active and physically fit, have fun, be engaged with others, have a purpose in life and smile more.

3. Inflammation is the key to all diseases

According to Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj’s seminar, 50% of men and 33% of women will get cancer (American Cancer Society), 35% are obese (Journal of American Medicine – JAMA) and 16 million Americans suffer from a smoking related disease (CDC). And all that is related to one question, inflammation. According to him, health is a balance of inflammation and the immune system. But how to reverse body inflammation? Stay away from processed food, fried food and red meat, alcohol, cigarettes and of course, stress.

4. Vitamin D and Omega-3: Our new (old) best friends

These two were mentioned in most of the seminars and they definitely play an important role for a healthy life. So next time you are going to buy your supplements, don’t forget to include them on your list!

5. Probiotics are amazing!

According to Derrick M. DeSilva Jr, MD seminar, friendly (good) bacteria have a positive influence on our immune system, digestive system, vitamin production and detoxification and they should be part of our daily life. But one important note, if you eat really bad and have a disordered gut, try to go slow with the probiotics in the beginning, otherwise you will probably going to feel bad, really bad.

6. It is not all about food

Being healthy is not only eating organic food. It is connecting with your family, your community. It is to practice self-care, taking of your body but also your mind. It is to listen to yourself and your body. It is to have moments to have an ice cream and do not feel guilty. It is to laugh and find purpose in life.

Namaste! Thanks! ;)

(Those pictures were taken during those days of conference).

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